Ebrard was received at the Palacio de Minería with cries of “president, president”

between the cries of “president, president” The Head of the Ministry of External Relations (SRE) was received, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, during the presentation of his political autobiography The Way of Mexico at the Palacio de Minería, a text in which he recounts his political career, as well as his interest in becoming President of the Republic.

Although these are not the only harangues dedicated to the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, since throughout the event it was also possible to hear “With Marcelo yes!” there “Marcelo, my friend, the people are with you!followed by applause and shouts from those present.

On the podium, he was also accompanied by the writer Elena Poniatowskaas well as the journalist Ricardo Raphael and Ebrard’s wife, Rosalinda Bueso; while guests included the former head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, grandson of santiago; some deputies of the National Regeneration Movement; the senator Little Micher; and Alejandro Rojas Diaz Duran.

The Chancellor presented his new book (Twitter/@SNietoCastillo)
The Chancellor presented his new book (Twitter/@SNietoCastillo)

During his speech, the morenista activist indicated that his book is dedicated and produced “with respect” to all Mexican citizens, as well as a “deep love” for the country; However, he stressed that the main message of the text is that they can find out who he is, since he stressed that this is the only weapon available to those who will participate in the search for the presidential candidacy.

“El libro está dedicado y está hecho con profundo amor a México y respect a todas y todos ustedes ya la sociedad mexicana, por eso lo hice, si no, no lo habría hecho y tiene como objetivo un mensaje: lo que tenemos para la contienda What everyone comes is who we are and what we have doneThe rest doesn’t matter,” he explained on March 20.

In addition to the above, he spoke of the importance of continuing the transformation that the country has undergone since 2018, for which he said that the presidential succession represents an opportunity for you to completely change Mexico.

The Chancellor shared what his back cover says (Twitter/@m_ebrard)
The Chancellor shared what his back cover says (Twitter/@m_ebrard)

Likewise, he pointed out that there are fundamental elements that the current federal administration, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has achieved, such as the consolidation of the Mexican peso against other world currencies and that “it has better numbers in Latin America”.

Ebrard Casaubón also pointed out that the country is still young and, therefore, he can bet that the transformation will continue thanks to the work of people who have always been productive and hardworking, most of whom should be middle class.

“We are neither too young nor an old country”

The Chancellor will present his new book (Twitter/@m_ebrard)
The Chancellor will present his new book (Twitter/@m_ebrard)

On the other hand, he also recalled that presumably during the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto endured persecution by not only the Presidency of the Republic, but also the Tax Administration Service and the entire federal administration.

Despite the above, the official has indicated that he can currently be calm because no authority has discovered him. acts of corruption.

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