Maluma sparked rumors of his girlfriend Susana Gómez’s pregnancy, due to a photograph. Credit: @maluma / Instagram

Juan Luis Londono, best known in the entertainment world as Maluma, He put his followers in doubt because of two posts he made on his social networks. In the first, she appears with two children and accompanies her with the phrase “here practicing”. The paisa looks quite smiling with the little ones sitting on its legs, enjoying the singer.

Another of the arguments that his followers have on social networks, to affirm that the interpreter of june, sober there Hopefully he was sweetly waiting for his firstborn is that in the text he replied in the photos he did it accompanied by a pregnant emoticon which gave more clues that his girlfriend was expecting a Malumita Jr.

On the other hand, there were those who simply took the publication of the Antioquian as a joke and only did so to show what it would be like if he made the decision to venture into the facet in as a father. The comments were quick to appear and Internet users said that this role of father suited him well.

The photograph of Susana Gómez, Maluma's girlfriend, sparked pregnancy rumours.  @maluma/Instagram
The photograph of Susana Gómez, Maluma’s girlfriend, sparked pregnancy rumours. @maluma/Instagram

Some of the most important are: “with you I would have 10 children, let’s start with a couple”; “the most beautiful thing my eyes can see”; “command for YAAAAA”; “seriously… Convenient? » ; “I’ll make you a few more”; “The role of dad suits you so well”; “Oh my God, how beautiful these children are going to become”, among others.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that caught the attention of followers of Maluma, who, in another publication in which the paisa is seen hugging his girlfriend, also speculated that Susana Gomez she would be pregnant, since she does not appear in any other publication and in this one, we see that she is turning her back on him, multiplying the rumors of pregnancy.

Juan Luis shared photos on his Instagram account that prompted his followers to ask for children.  Credit: @maluma / Instagram
Juan Luis shared photos on his Instagram account that prompted his followers to ask for children. Credit: @maluma / Instagram

One of the representatives of this genre that already has a long history in the industry and has become one of the most popular urban singers: this has been Maluma.

Currently, the man from Antioquia is working on a new record production, which is called ‘Don Juan’. It should be remembered that Maluma is actually called Juan Luis Londoño Arias. Although there are already several albums that the reggaeton singer has to his name, it seems that ‘Don Juan’ is the most special.

In this sense, on his Instagram account, the interpreter of ‘Cositas de la USA’ has published an image in which he poses from the recording studio. In turn, he wrote about it.

Maluma promises to make history with his new album:
Maluma promises to make history with his new album: “Believe me, we make a jewel”

“It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had the time to produce an album and go through each song detail by detail. This process I’m going through is crazy and I’m grateful to God and life for giving me the opportunity to do things calmly and more wisely. Without a doubt, what I feel with ‘Don Juan’ is something indescribable, something I have never felt before (I hope it’s positive). Believe me, we are making a piece of jewelry that will explore the creativity of many people. Let’s make history together.”

Along with this post, Maluma also shared a short video on his TikTok profile with which he wanted to show some of his creative process with ‘Don Juan’. “Today I have a recording session, for the first time I will show you how we create our album”.

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