The Malian Armed Forces (FAME) killed today a total of 22 terrorists in two jihadist attacks occurred in the regions of Mopt y Gaoin which four soldiers also died, security sources reported.

The first attack took place in the town of Boni, in Mopti, when Malian troops were proceeding to repel a jihadist attack after a military patrol was ambushed. In this event, 13 attackers and two soldiers were killed.

The sources added that another seven soldiers were injured and two terrorists were arrested during this event.

Two hours after the first attack, another jihadist group stormed a Malian army checkpoint in the town of Tessit in Gao with firearms, sparking clashes between the two sides.

This second clash ended with the death of two soldiers and nine attackers, while another ten soldiers were injured.

Since 2012, Mali has been experiencing a complex situation of insecurity, especially in the north and center, where several local terrorist groups operate. A situation aggravated by two successive coups in August 2020 and May 2021 and the withdrawal of French anti-terrorist troops from the country.

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