Madrid recommends an Emergency Backpack for Disasters

Madrid recommends an Emergency Backpack for Disasters

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Madrid has started 2021 with a series of events and catastrophes that greatly concern the city authorities. The increase in cases of COVID-19, the heavy snowfall caused by the storm Filomena and the explosion that occurred this Wednesday at number 98 of Toledo Street, which has claimed the lives of four people and numerous material damages, has made living in the capital little less than a risky sport in recent weeks.

Precisely, yesterday’s deflagration on Toledo street caused many residents of that area to leave their homes due to the risk of possible subsequent detonations or problems with the structures of its buildings, adjacent to the one that suffered the explosion.

For this reason, the Madrid City Council strives to remember and recommend a series of guidelines to follow in the event of having to abandon your home suddenly in the event of a catastrophe. Among them is having the call ready and always at hand ‘Emergency backpack’.

What should this backpack contain?

The Madrid city council points out that the backpack should carry the documentation (DNI, Passport, Driver’s License and / or Family Book) in an airtight plastic bag; a bottle of water 1.5 liters, a flashlight with spare batteries taped together; a small radio battery operated with FM / AM; a phone book with phone contacts; basic clothing (a complete change of socks and underwear, a pair of comfortable shoes and a light raincoat).

In addition, we should also add: cleaning supplies (soap, toothbrush, toilet paper and a small towel); a medicine cabinet with medicines and emergency utensils; a set of keys of the house and the car; a credit card and money cash in small bills; a Mobile phone with prepaid card and your manual loader and city and region maps.

You have to always have it ready

This backpack, as recommended by the City Council, “it must always be in the same place that is accessible”. Thus, in an emergency, you can quickly pick it up and leave your home. By last, each family member should have a, which must be adjusted to the needs and size of each one of them.

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