List of 10 YouTube videos trending in Argentina that day

List of 10 YouTube videos trending in Argentina that day

From tutorials to the so-called ASMR, on YouTube you can find all kinds of videos. (GlobeLiveMedia/Jovani Perez)

In such a fast-paced and stressful modern world, it’s normal for people to look for different ways to relax and forget about the problems of the day for a bit, whether it’s hanging out with friends, watching movies with the family, watching a series before going to bed, doing yoga or resorting to youtube videos.

YouTube, established in 2005, has become the largest digital video library in the world and you can find everything from music to horror stories there. until you get to the famous ASMR clips among millions of channels.

At the platform, which is also the second most popular site in the world behind Google, over 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute and video network revenue is expected to reach $15 billion per quarter.

Added to the statistics, YouTube is present in at least 104 countries, available in a total of 80 languages.

Depending on the platform, worldwide users watch 5 billion videos a dayTherefore, since it is a daunting task to decide what to see and not to get lost among so much news, the platform has launched various graphs in 2018 where you can see which are the most viewed videos of the week (in general), the most viewed music videos played in the last days and the trends of the day, which are updated in real time.

Here is the list of the 10 new videos that are trending this Monday, March 6 among YouTube Argentina users:

1. THQ
Artist/Channel: Shakira and KAROL G

2. ECKO, Callejero Fino, El Perro – Te Escapas De Mis Brazos (Remix) (Official Video)
Artist/Channel: Ecko

3. Ke Characters Ft Onda Sabanera | Poor heart
Artist/Channel: Ke Characters

4. LA TY LA M | DJ sessions TAO Turreo
Artist/Channel: DJ Tao and La T and La M

5. Buy me a Brishito (Official Video)
Artist/Channel: Lali

6. one of the two
Artist/Channel: Miranda! and Emily

7. richer than yesterday
Artist/channel: DJ Luian, Anuel AA and Mambo Kingz

8. defying fate
Artist/Channel: Maria Becerra

9. Poor heart
Artist/Channel: Ke Characters

ten. your memory
Artist/channel: Lyanno, Wisin and Emilia

*Different titles may be repeated in the chart as some may be official videos and some may be song lyrics.

In 2022, YouTube users were more inclined towards urban music videos (Reuters)
In 2022, YouTube users were more inclined towards urban music videos (Reuters)

YouTube has become one of the favorite platforms of Internet users and it is because on this site you can have access to music videos from your favorite artists until you watch the latest kittens video causing a stir on the internet.

For several years, this video platform has published an annual list of the 10 most viewed videos, which is unveiled in December. This time the 2022 chart was full of urban and reggaeton music, with the singer being Maria Becerra the one with the greatest presence, appearing up to four times on the list.

The podium of the most listened to in Argentina was won by Rei’s collaboration with Callejero Fino, with the song “Tu turrito”; closely followed by “Entre Nosotros” by Tiago PZK, LIT killah, María Becerra and Nicki Nicole.

At the third stage was Quevedo with “BZRP Music Sessions #52”, followed by María Becerra’s collaboration with FMK and her hit “Tranquila”. Once again, Argentina took another place with the song “Marte” performed by Sofía Reyes.

The next place was occupied by Tirri la Roca with “Frontea”; then TINI with “La Triple T”; in ninth place RKT 420 with “To go, not to arrive”; and the top closure was Shakira and Raw Alejandro with the famous song “Te Felicito”.

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