In the NBA, he racked up a total of 49 games, in which he promised 6 minutes, a point and a rebound (Picture: USA Today)

Argentinian hopes are placed in the talent of Leandro Bolmaro. For several months defending the jersey of Utah Jazzfelt that the lack of minutes could push him to become an expendable player for the franchise Salt Lake City. A few days after the start of the All Star Since NBAfrom Las Varillas was released and became a free agentaccording to the specialist Shams Charania of Athleticism.

During his two seasons in the league at the highest level on the planet, accumulated a total of 49 games, in which he averaged 6 minutes, one point and one rebound. His contract ended this summer after the Jazz declined the option they had to extend the bond for next season. In recent weeks he was in the division of G League from Utah, Salt Lake City Starsa place the Argentine has used to try to improve and stand out to extend his stay in the United States.

It all started on July 1, when Minnesota Wolves, the team that brought him out of Barcelona after turning him into the Argentinian will be selected first in the repechage (#23), he only had a patience campaign and included him in a mega-trade he made with Utah. Bolmaro was entering his final season with a guaranteed contract to show that he belonged in the elite, he registered the transfer he made for Rudy Gobert, the pivotal figure of the Jazz.

Leandro Bolmaro is on Argentina's squad roster for the final FIBA ​​qualifying window (Photo: Reuters)
Leandro Bolmaro is on Argentina’s squad roster for the final FIBA ​​qualifying window (Photo: Reuters)

A few days ago, he unveiled his plans for the future. “I have to analyze that at the end of the season. For now, I’m worried about improving every day, being a better player. I’ve had both experiences before, both in Europe and the NBA, so when it comes to making the decision, I’ll know what’s best for me., which is best for me and which is best for the future, because I am still 22 years old. And what I want now is to be happy and I’m going to prioritize that. I already know the sides of the coin, so I’m going to make a decision based on that,” he said in a conversation with sports world When asked if he would play in the Barcelona.

And he added on the desire he has to regain leadership: “I will see what is best for me, I really want to play so I will prioritize that and see what opportunities come my way.”. Bolmaro followed Gabriel Bridge there Facundo Campazzo, who also had brief stints in the NBA and were eventually released by their respective franchises. In case you are not contacted by any US team, Leandro’s future will be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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