Lasso and Arauz in the final stretch of the campaign for ballot

Lasso and Arauz in the final stretch of the campaign for ballot

Former banker and right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso on Wednesday insisted on his call for unity to face Ecuador’s challenges on the penultimate day of the campaign ahead of Sunday’s ballot. His rival Andrés Arauz, the dolphin of former president Rafael Correa and who obtained first place in the first round, confided that he has the support to prevail after leading a vehicular caravan in another area of ​​the country.

Lasso chose the Quitsato indigenous monument and clock, on the equinoctial line, 50 kilometers north of the capital, where in an open space and before less than a hundred followers due to the pandemic, he said that Ecuador “is experiencing the greatest crisis of its history, a health, economic and values ​​crisis that seriously affects the lives of all Ecuadorians ”.

In the afternoon, he presided over a motorized caravan and in a festive atmosphere through the main avenues of the center and south of the Ecuadorian capital accompanied by hundreds of followers.

For his part, Arauz, on a truck with a large group of supporters in vehicles and on foot, led the closing ceremony of the campaign in the port city of Guayaquil amid blaring tropical music and fireworks.

Arauz stated that “we are very happy with the absolute and overwhelming support … we are going to win. We are going to work for the future of your children and for your children’s children ”. On Thursday he will close the campaign in the capital, while Lasso will make his own in Guayaquil. From Friday the country will go into electoral silence.

“We are all and live in anguish over the health of our family, the lack of employment, the economic situation, insecurity and uncertainty about the future,” argued Lasso, at the time of calling the unit to face the situation. : “We need everyone’s contribution, because together, respecting our differences, we will move forward”.

He required the support of his compatriots on Sunday, when the second electoral round will take place, to begin “a new stage of progress in which we can all live better. In their hands they will have the most powerful instrument that exists to make our dreams come true, to achieve a better life and for us and our families, the vote is a powerful instrument ”.

Lasso, 65, is seeking the presidency for the third time.

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