Karol G dedicated “Vos Gafitas” live to Feid

“Work hard at 20 to have fun at 30” the currency that now many use it as a ‘mantra’ of life, to be successful in both personal and professional matters, was the advice that Karol G gave in one of her concerts and that she, by the way, mentioned in some interviews, which quickly went viral because she has barely crossed the ‘third floor’, He already has worldwide recognition in his career and has shown through his social networks that he loves his work, the same that today gives him excellent results, it’ is almost a law of life for his followers.

And it is that Antioquia which is “breaking” the internet Every time she does, literally, anything, she has worked for sixteen years to enjoy the harvest she has sown, as part of the success that the Colombian herself has shouted in her concerts, in which she always tries to generate a greater engagement with her fans when talking about her personal life, especially her love life and also her work projects and achievements was acquired according to her by dedication, perseverance and by don’t get carried away by what they say.

The woman from Antioquia who lives in multiple commitments and go on concert tours all over the world, like the one he is currently in, and in which he has also stipulated a code of “dress”, not only draws attention to his impeccable career in the music industry, but his love life is also under constant surveillance because, after his notorious split with the Puerto Rican Reggaeton Anuel AAeveryone wants to know who is the interpreter of ‘Best friends‘.

Karol G and Feid were seen wearing the same clothes / Instagram
Karol G and Feid were seen wearing the same clothes / Instagram

The followers of ‘La Gatubela’ and the also Colombian artist Feid do not stop associating them because Internet users who are waiting for all the publications musicians, analyzing every photograph, video and event they have been or could be in, and although they have tried to be very careful and keep everything ‘down’ the few clues of their alleged romance, they convince to more and more the public that, in fact, they have something.

It would not be the first time that there is speculation about a relationship between the performers of the urban genre, since they also previously shared mysterious messages on social networks, with which fans began to suspect that they were hints with notes of romance.

Additionally, some users have also identified that both have Wore the same heart tattoos and some clothes like sunglasses and a green jacket, the color that identifies the Antioquian.

Karol G reportedly enjoyed his most recent discography titled ‘tomorrow will be beautiful‘ to possibly confirm his love with the Ferxxo who acquired this name not because his name is Francisco but because instead it started as a joke by someone close to the paisa and it stayed that way , forming part of its image and brand.


Karol has been linked again and again and for quite some time now, with Feid and her, apparently, as he doesn’t want to hide the relationship anymoreand although nothing is confirmed yet, it could be concluded thanks to the concert he gave on March 10 in which he not only mounted Ferxxo on stage and interacted with “perreito intense” but also because he shouted loudly during the show what did he give in Hiram Bithorn Stadiumset in San Juan Island, Puerto Rico with more joy and openly before singing, ‘Tus gafitas‘: ‘This song is for Feid’, the same single I’ve featured on other occasions would be his favorite song on the album: ‘Mañana ser bonito’.

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