Karen Schwarz cried as she recalled the insults she had received in the past. Youtube / We all heal

Karen Black was invited to the ‘Todos Sanados’ program, by the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva, where she talked about some issues that hurt her in the past. The wife of Ezio Oliva broke down revealing that he had endured numerous public humiliations years ago, although he did not say by whom.

At first, the former model indicated that she deeply regretted not having responded to the attacks she received while working on television, since they contributed to the deterioration of her mental health.

“I was told many times ‘don’t answer, don’t listen, it will pass’. But when was that going to happen? It’s not about blaming anyone or blaming me. It it’s about discovering that I also have a voice, that no one is going to make me feel the way I felt at some point,” he said in tears.

Karen Schwarz spoke about the tough times on TV.  (ICT Tac)
Karen Schwarz spoke about the tough times on TV. (ICT Tac)

According Karen Black, the most difficult stage of her life was during her second pregnancy. You were told that your daughter had developed a heart disease which she says was due to the high stress she was going through at the time. “I feel like I passed all this on to my daughter, I felt very guilty.”

“I think I lasted a lot. When Cayetana was born, that’s when I say, ‘no more’. I mean, I’m not going to allow one more stone, I’m not going to allow an insult from more. I let my value as a woman, as a human being, be humiliated on a national level. To protect others, I pissed myself off, literally. It hurts a lot,” she said. expressed quite distressed.

After that she explained that it was her husband Ezio Oliva the person who helped her come to her senses, since Karen only blamed herself for the sadness she was feeling.

“Ezio told me ‘enough of feeling like you’re the victim’. He told me ‘stop asking why you, it’s because you allowed it. That day I woke up like someone else thinking ‘I have these wounds, but they don’t pity me anymore, but rather ‘I made it and I still have a lot to do’ . I had to do something to help me heal and help other women. That’s why Valente (his clothing brand) was born,” he said.

Rodrigo Gonzalez and Karen Schwarz They’ve been embroiled in a legal mess for several years, which suggests the model’s statements in this interview may be referring to the ‘Amor y Fuego’ host.

In January of this 2023, the presenter announced that Karen Black He denounced him again and asked for protective measures on his behalf. This happened when the model went to the authorities to make sure she was being emotionally abused due to the different adjectives the Willax TV personality used when referring to her. Faced with this situation, the driver repeatedly stressed that it was only an opinion.

However, the multiple requirements imposed Karen Black against Rodrigue Gonzalez were fired and this last time was no exception.

Karen Schwarz denounced Rodrigo González.
Karen Schwarz denounced Rodrigo González.

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