Italy: Taxi Drivers Protest Increased Competition

Italy: Taxi Drivers Protest Increased Competition

Hundreds of taxi drivers in Italy protested for a second day Wednesday against the government’s plan to allow increased competition, including from ride-sharing services.

On Tuesday, a handful of drivers chained themselves in the square in front of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s offices and were still there Wednesday as the unauthorized stoppage continued. Nearby, on a main artery and not far from the central Piazza Venezia, hundreds of Roman and Neapolitan drivers staged a noisy protest. Some lit colored smoke flares to attract attention. They left their cars parked in other parts of the capital.

The drivers vowed to continue the protest for at least one more day to strengthen their claims. In the northern city of Turin, more than 200 drivers parked their taxis in a main square, the ANSA news agency reported.

In Milan, Italy’s financial capital, an assembly was called on Wednesday afternoon to plan the strategy. Drivers oppose freeing up services to license ride-sharing service operators like Uber. But the European Union insists that more competition must be allowed in transport and other services.

Draghi is determined to push through reforms to open up the economy so he can receive billions of euros from the EU’s pandemic recovery fund. A parliamentary committee will start discussions on competition in the taxi sector on Thursday.

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