Colombian midfielder Matheus Uribe had a very bad day with Porto. AFP.

The current situation for Colombian footballers in Europe is not the most favorable, if not the crisis in sports results, the lack of confidence of their coaches in them, injuries, then there are also some unfortunate games that continue to affect their performance. That’s how it happened in midfield Matheus Uribewho was sent off in the last game of the Port for a fault which could have been serious.

The picture of blue dragons faces gil vincent for the 22nd day of the Primeira Liga as a local. Those led by Sergio Conceicao they took the lead on the scoreboard early in the game with a goal from Mehdi Taremi, but now everything would fall for Porto.

Vicente closed the tie at 26′ thanks to Jose Francisco Navarro there then, at minute 35, the right side joao mario he tried to steal the ball, but had the bad luck that it went under his legs and hit his hand which was resting on the ground, after evaluating the action, the center judge ended up showing him the Red card.

At the end of the first half, everything ‘turned upside down’ for the Porto Alegre team and that’s when he appeared matheus on stage by committing a penalty against to offer his rival the victory on a silver platter 2-1. And to finish finishing him off at minute 52, the Colombian arrived late to dispute the ball with his opponent Jose Carlos and in a rather dangerous stomp, he ended up seeing the double yellow card and later the red.

The trampling was quite careful, since, as evidenced by replays, the midfielder ‘nailed’ the studs into the lower part of his rival’s shin and if he had come with more force an injury could have occurred quite serious.

See Matheus Uribe’s dangerous action for which he was sent off in Porto’s last league game here:

Matheus Uribe’s dangerous trampling on a rival earned him a red card with Porto. @vsports_pt/Twitter.

This expulsion will force the man from Antioquia to miss his team’s next game against Chaves, an engagement which will take place on Saturday, March 4. With the loss, Porto came to an abrupt halt in their pursuit of the league top, currently held by Benfica on 59 points.

At the moment, no candidate has been officially presented for the midfielder’s services, on the contrary, the player hopes to be able to reach an agreement with the guidelines as soon as possible. The money and the contract extension time are the key points to negotiate.

However, as mentioned by the portal morning mail, Uribe is said to be seeking an extension of his contract for several more years, including a huge increase in his salary which the Portuguese institution would not be willing to pay, so his stay is in danger if they do not reach a common point.

Since joining the team in August 2019, Mateus has played a total of 162 official matches with the Portuguese scoring a total of 13 goals and providing 7 assists, he also has over 12,000 minutes of game time accumulated under his name.

Note that Porto is currently vying for the title of Portuguese League, they are located in the second position of the table with 32 points, while the leader of the table is Benfica who add 37 points and who recently added their first defeat of the tournament.

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