It advances the investigation into a company operating in Dead Cow for overcharging of 232 million dollars

It advances the investigation into a company operating in Dead Cow for overcharging of 232 million dollars

FILE PICTURE. A sand refinery is seen at the Vaca Muerta shale oil and gas drilling platform in the Patagonian province of Neuquén, Argentina. January 21, 2019. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

As part of a complaint filed by Customs, the Federal Justice raided brokerage companies after detecting that NRG Argentina – a company that operates in Vaca Muerta – overcharged imports of capital goods for 232 million USD between January 2019 and June 2019. 2022 and then re-entering these currencies into the country through the financial market.

According to customs sources, the supposed objective of the company was the entry of equipment for the assembly and start-up of a plant for the production of silica sands, a key input for companies in the hydrocarbon sector that carry out the production of unconventional gas and oil in the Vaca Muerta Zone.

Thus, on Tuesday March 14, specialized customs officers and gendarmerie personnel carried out various searches ordered by the national economic criminal judge no. 2, responsible for Pablo Yadarola.

One of the main addresses raided was that of Allaria Ledesma, a well-known clearing and settlement agent (ALyC) company that operates in the local market.

The complaint was filed by AFIP customs (Photo: AFIP)
The complaint was filed by AFIP customs (Photo: AFIP)

The cause is based on the possible laundering of money through a triangulation of currencies which was in principle intended for the import of capital goods, the inconsistency of which was detected thanks to the contribution of exchange information set up by Customs.

At the start of the investigation, what caught the attention of Customs was that the high amount involved showed “substantial differences” with the values ​​declared by the firm NRG, which had obtained the advantages provided for by law. mining.

The main foreign supplier was a US-based company registered as Marull Heavy Equipment LLC, whose only customer was the Argentine company NRG. However, Customs’ conclusion was that Oscar Güercio, shareholder of NRG Argentina SA, was in turn an agent on the account that Marull managed in a US bank.

“Of this account, approximately $37 million entered the country through an ALyC Allaria account to then be settled in cash with liquidation (CCL). Also, as a result of the investigation, customs detected that Guercio and Marull were partners in a third company called MARDG,” they explained.

This maneuver could be confirmed as a result of the Information Exchange Agreement (TIR) ​​​​​​which made it possible to obtain the necessary information to know both the final destination of the funds and the coincidences of whom integrated and participated in different companies. The investigation of the case has the intervention of Economic Criminal No. 2 and the Federal Court of Campana.

NRG Argentina offers the oil and gas industry strategic inputs: natural sand and ultra-light synthetic agent; Additionally, they offer last mile and location management services.

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