Franco Escamilla has again been criticized for making a misogynistic joke (Picture: Facebook@Franco Escamilla)

Franco Escamilla He again caused controversy because one of his jokes went viral. On this occasion, Internet users asked that stop consuming content of the comedian because he made a criticism of womenwho was designated as funds misogynist.

In the video in which one of the jokes of the standuperohe mentions that a man has “simple” emotional needs and that women are the ones who don’t understand what a man wants.

According to Franco, a man wants a woman as a partner for three things: food, sex and silencereducing their romantic relationship to just that.

Internet users asked to “cancel” the comedian for one of his jokes that criticize women

“It’s very easy to find out what a man wants. In Chile, if you are a woman and you wonder what men want, go find out. Chris Rock explained it perfectly when he said ‘man wants food, sex and silence'”

The comedian explained that women shouldn’t having sex and cooking for your partnerthe rest should be silence Because that’s what a man wants.

“There is no better proof of love than being able to be silent for five minutes with your partner, but if you are one of those who spends two and a half minutes thinking, ‘Would you still love me if I am a YouTube algorithm?’ chin ** your mother“, underlined the actor.

Franco Escamilla (Photo: Facebook@Franco Escamilla)
Franco Escamilla (Photo: Facebook@Franco Escamilla)

He continued his speech by assuring that if women want something from a man, they have to “fix themselves”, because that way they will always respond well and be accessible.

In the video, shared on Twitterreceived dozens of criticisms from Internet users who were offended by its way of reducing the role of women in a romantic relationship to functions that men must also fulfill.

Vanessa Bauche was one of the first to criticize the comedian, calling him a “confessed caveman” and recommended that women always keep the violence meter in mind, with which they can identify when a man is macho.

Vanessa Bauche's response to Franco's joke (Screenshot/Twitter)
Vanessa Bauche’s response to Franco’s joke (Screenshot/Twitter)

“It’s good they’re coming out of the closet already!! Self-confessed caveman!! Your self-definition is appreciated. Women: Remember violence counter. At the first red flag, get out of there, don’t come back and go to self help therapy,” the actress wrote.

Other user reviews from Twitter were: “It’s the most misogynistic thing I’ve ever heard”», « What bad advice you give to your daughter », « It made me very sad for his wife », « This guy is very macho and nobody tells him anything », This is another demonstration of the importance of go to therapy.

So far, Franco has not responded to this controversy.

Franco Escamilla has been repeatedly accused of making misogynistic or sexist jokes (Photo: Facebook@Franco Escamilla)
Franco Escamilla has been repeatedly accused of making misogynistic or sexist jokes (Photo: Facebook@Franco Escamilla)

A few months ago he youtuber He also went viral for defending Platanito for the joke he made on Debanhi Escobar and his death.

In November 2022, the Monterrey man caused outrage for saying there are people who don’t care about the femicidewhile the actors would not be the authors of these acts.

“It’s a joke, you didn’t like it, it’s in bad taste, it’s offensive to the girl’s relatives (…) but we can’t say that no one is going to make jokes about whatever. No sir, comedy imitates lifenot the other way around, it must be very clear, ”he said on this occasion.

For his joke, Platanito is even the subject of an investigation (Photo Instagram: @platanitoshow)
For his joke, Platanito is even the subject of an investigation (Photo Instagram: @platanitoshow)

Internet users have tried to “cancel” it because a joke of this type can become hate speech against women, in addition to hurting the family of the young woman, as well as victims of violence and attempts at femicide.

Although Franco said he did not defend this type of humor as is, he reaffirmed his position.

Some time later he confessed that the hatred generated in the networks from this was such that they sent him death threats.

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