Inter denies his name change

Inter denies its Name Change

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Inter will not change their name. This morning, several Italian media published the transformation of the Italian team, which would have changed its name, “FC Internazionale Milano” with a simpler and more recognizable “Inter Milano”. The news caused a stir and much criticism on social networks, and Alessandro Antonello, CEO of the Nerazzurri team, responded to the ANSA agency bluntly: “Inter will not change their name“.

Apparently, the Italian club will only present a new shield and a new graphic identity, as Juventus did in 2017. According to the manager, the entity “has been working for more than a year on a marketing project based on the historical values ​​of Inter”. The objective is “to bring its millions of fans closer and to strengthen the relationship with the city of Milan”. Exactly the opposite with respect to what happened in the last hours. .

Goodbye to Pirelli; hello, new San Siro

These were not the only news that were supposed to affect the interista parish, since Evergrande is ranked first on the list of candidates to replace Pirelli as sponsor, as also reported by the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’. Without forgetting another objective of great depth, such as the search for a new home for Inter, a new San Siro. A billion-dollar project with the idea of ​​being inaugurated in 2024.

It will not be a movement that has the approval of all, as they well remember in the Italian media, but it will not be the first great of Serie A to launch a modernization of this type. “The change of the shield designed in 1908 by Giorgio Muggiani, illustrator and founder of the club: will follow the same trail of the Juve logo change in 2017. Inter will adopt a streamlined and minimalist brand. It will move away from the image of a classic football team, and closer to that of a global company. It will always be played with the I and M, with a nod to modern Milan: without Duomo, better imagine skyscrapers. Lukaku and his teammates have already been tested several times, while some famous Inter fans will be involved in a campaign to promote him. “This is how the ‘Gazzetta’ explains what lies ahead. As we say, times of change at Inter.

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