Inflation: how to properly use charts and digital platforms to take care of your personal finances

Inflation: how to properly use charts and digital platforms to take care of your personal finances

In the midst of an uncertain inflationary climate, it is important to organize and plan your personal finances

With the highest levels of inflation in three decades, combined with an environment of currency restrictions, dollar volatility and high interest rates, maintaining an orderly personal economy is a major challenge.

To achieve this, it is good practice to pay more attention to the use of credit card, the variation in revenues during the year, the methodology of economy and new ways to generate Benefits. Based on these premises, from Airtm, a currency exchange platform, they shared 4 tips to improve personal finances and household economy.

1. Use credit cards wisely

To avoid high interest payments the following statements, it is recommended to use the cards credit for it strictly necessary, make purchases in installments, try not to make advances and, if possible, always pay the full capital. It should be noted that paying for consumption with the card in installments or with minimum payments is generally very expensive, unless it is a promotion of “interest-free payments”where practical, as long as the purchase is for a large amount.

It is best to only use credit cards for what is strictly necessary.  (Photo: Pixabay)
It is best to only use credit cards for what is strictly necessary. (Photo: Pixabay)

2. Take advantage of high-income months

It is important to take advantage of seasons in which higher incomes are obtained – such as those in which the aguinaldo, bonus or prize-, to calm the pocket and settle the debts. Those who have variable incomes or “seasonality” in their economic resources, it is essential to capitalize on the moments of greatest flows to, if they exist, solve the problems. With no debt to pay, it’s essential to consolidate a savings system that goes beyond setting aside enough for the “lean” months.

3. Allocate a percentage to savings and use digital platforms in your favor

He economy This is one of the most important points for personal finance growth. Some experts recommend spending at least one 10% of income.

viewed by GlobeLiveMediathe financial advisor Giselle Colasurdo He said that the most advisable thing is to invest this money for savings, whether dollars or pesos, in different instruments, from the classic fixed term (traditional or the one that adjusts to inflation) or, for the most seasoned, in private debt of securities, ie companies, in dollars. “The yield on these securities is approximately 8% annualhe argued and pointed out that with the fixed term in pesos, you earn 100% per year, which is convenient as long as inflation is below.

Another option is to go to digital tools of the financial sector, which offer the possibility of hedging in hard currencies by buying virtual currencies or making other types of investments. In all these cases, good advice is essential.

Always as a means of payment, the various market alternatives that are committed to growing by offering promotions and discounts for payments with QR allow, in addition to saving in some cases, also to keep more detailed control of expenses. than if they were made in cash.

4. Find additional sources of income

It’s not just about cutting expenses and focusing on the money going out, but also about putting energy into the money coming in and looking for mechanisms to improve revenue. Currently, the Internet and social networks open up a range of possibilities and methods to generate profits by completing simple tasks. For example, watching videos, They are also a sales opportunity and a space to offer services.

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