Clothes displayed in one of the biggest Zara stores in the world, in Madrid, Spain, April 7, 2022. REUTERS/Juan Medina

MADRID, March 15 (Reuters) – Inditex, the group that owns the Zara chain of stores, said on Wednesday its net profit rose 27% in 2022, with sales surpassing pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels after the company raised prices to mitigate inflation, taking advantage of increased fashion consumption after restrictions ended.

In-store and online sales of the world’s largest fashion retail group reached 32,560 million euros, 17.5% more than last year’s 27,710 million euros and more than the figure for 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

(Reporting by Corina Pons; editing by Inti Landauro; editing in Spanish by Darío Fernández)

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