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Indian and Chinese military have clashed again on the disputed Himalayan border between the two countries, the Indian Army reported in a statement.

According to a source from the Ministry of Defense quoted by the Indian daily ‘The Hindu’, the confrontation, which took place on January 20 in the Naku area – in the Indian state of Sikkim – broke out when Chinese Army troops tried to enter Indian territory.

The skirmish resulted in minor injuries on both sides and the situation was resolved by the intervention of “local commanders” thanks to the “established protocols”, according to the text released by the Indian Army.

This episode took place in the midst of a great alert and a very extensive deployment of troops along the line of control that delimits the part of each country. In winter, with alerts for extremely low temperatures, the situation between India and China has been very calm, which has also coincided with diplomatic and military talks between the two nations, which seek to reach an agreement to reduce tension.

China and India are currently committed to dialogue to reduce tension in the area, although relations between the two Asian giants have been deteriorating since last May amid the growing dispute over the region of Ladaj.

Ladaj was then the scene of a hand-to-hand confrontation between Indian and Chinese soldiers, without using weapons, in what was the worst confrontation between the two neighbors in 45 years.

India and China fought a brief war over their border in 1962. India disputes China’s control of 38,000 square kilometers of land in Aksai Chin, which it claims is part of Ladaj. Beijing in turn claims 90,000 square kilometers of territory in Arunachal Pradesh, which it considers part of southern Tibet.

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