India to Start Vaccinating Adults

India Opens COVID-19 Vaccinations to All Adults

India will begin vaccinating all adults against the coronavirus in an effort to curb a dangerous spread of the disease.

However, since the announcement, the vaccination rate has dropped as many states report a shortage of injections.

The infection rate in India continues to rise to unprecedented levels. In addition to the slowness of the inoculation initiative, several states have filed lawsuits in court, complaining of oxygen tank shortages.

On Sunday, India reported 403,738 confirmed cases including 4,092 deaths. In total, India has more than 22 million confirmed cases and 240,000 deaths. Experts, however, suspect that the true figures are much higher.

India’s Supreme Court announced on Saturday that it will establish a commission of experts and doctors to conduct an audit of oxygen tanks in the country, in order to determine why stocks were not reaching the provinces.

Melissa Galbraith
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