India hits new record of 115,000 coronavirus cases in 24 hours

India hits new record of 115,000 coronavirus cases in 24 hours

New Delhi.- India registered 115,736 cases of coronavirus in 24 hours on Wednesday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic in the context of a second wave in the Asian country, to which states such as western Maharashtra or New Delhi have responded with new local restrictions.

India, which surpassed the barrier of 100,000 daily cases for the first time last Monday and is the third most affected country in the world in absolute terms behind the United States and Brazil, already has 12.8 million coronavirus infections, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health.

The Asian country also registered 630 deaths in a single day, raising the total number of deaths to 166,177.

India is in the throes of a second wave after seeing numbers plummet last February to fewer than 10,000 infections and 100 deaths a day, up from a peak of nearly 100,000 cases a day in September.

The new rise in infections also occurs after months in which a relaxation of the protocols against the virus prevailed, with less use of the mask or social distancing, while the authorities have withdrawn a good part of the restrictions imposed in March of last year.

However, in view of the latest figures, several states have announced new measures.

The New Delhi government imposed a night curfew on Tuesday to limit travel and the spread of the virus in the capital.

The western state of Maharashtra, the one that registers the most cases of coronavirus and that has Mumbai as its capital, announced last Sunday night restrictions, confinements during weekends and the closure of shops considered non-essential.

The increase in covid-19 cases occurs this time much faster than during the first wave and after a relaxation of the protocols, with less use of the mask or social distance, given a general feeling among the population that the worst was over.

India continues with its vaccination campaign, and has administered 87 million doses since January, with 3.3 million in the last day according to Health. More than 10 million people have received the two necessary injections so far.

The Asian country has a population of about 1.3 billion people and the authorities affirmed that their goal is to vaccinate 300 million before mid-year with doses of the formula from AstraZeneca, Covishield, or from the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech, producer of the serum. indigenous Covaxin.


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