The municipality of Manjlegaon, in the state of Maharashtra (India), has attended a ‘battle’ between monkeys and dogs. The monkeys, after realizing that the dogs had killed one of their babies, took justice into their own hands by initiating a strong fight during the following weeks.

This happened in the month of November and, a month later, they have dragged about 250 dog puppies to the treetops and different buildings, and then drop them, local media report.

In the Beed district, about 500 kilometers from Mumbai, residents assure News 18 that in the village of Lavool there has not been a single puppy dog ​​that managed to survive to this attack by primates. They say it was about a month ago when some dogs killed a little monkey, and that’s when the primates’ revenge began.

The local media have spread some images of the monkeys taking their cubs with them, and then let them fall from the heights. The neighbors then alerted the forest department for help, but when they reached Lavool they failed to catch any of the primates.

The modus operandi is as follows: they try to gain their attention and, to which they can, one of the monkeys takes the cub.

Panic after attacks on children

In the locality, now, it is practically impossible to see any puppy dog. But this has not stopped the macaques, which even they have attacked the residents of the town. Some of them have been injured after trying to save the little dogs.

Also they children are suffering the wrath of animals, because according to local media reports, some have been attacked and bitten on the way to school. Animal attacks on other creatures are not usually common, although chimpanzees can behave in an aggressive way.

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