Increase in COVID-19 infections in India: what you need to know

Increase in COVID-19 infections in India: what you need to know

India leads the world in daily number of new COVID-19 infections, and that accounts for more than a third of global cases. What’s behind this wave of infections? 

The second wave of coronavirus in India has broken world records. On April 27, the country reported more than 17.6 million confirmed infections, while the death toll reached 197,000 since the pandemic began. Cases in India now represent (as of 04.28.2021) more than 30% of global COVID-19 cases.

Grief amid 330 thousand new infections daily

Family members of a deceased COVID-19 patient cry outside a hospital in Ahmedabad. In India, the coronavirus is spreading at an accelerating rate. These days there have been 330,000 new infections a day. As many as in any other country in the world. This means that more than a million people in India have been infected with the virus in the last four days alone.

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