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Incidents in Copenhagen in demonstration against anti-coronavirus measures

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Five people were arrested Saturday night in Copenhagen after a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions during which a mannequin representing Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was burned, police and local media said.

“There were five arrests in connection with the demonstration and the disorder that ensued,” said a Danish police tweet.

Police are investigating the burning of a prime minister’s mannequin, unusual for a demonstration in Denmark.


Hanging from a lantern, Mette Frederiksen’s mannequin carried a paper that read “She must be killed,” according to press videos.

The demonstration, organized by a radical group, went through the Danish capital with torches shouting “Freedom for Denmark! We are fed up!”

Called Men in Black Danemark, this active Facebook group has been organizing demonstrations against the “coercion” and “dictatorship” of the semi-confinement decided by the Danish government for more than a month.


The demonstration was calm until the moment of dispersal, when there was tension with the security forces, at which some people threw bottles.

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