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Imanol does not want outings even though there are offers

Imanol Alguacil has all the players who currently make up the Real Sociedad first team squad. Despite the possible offers that less common footballers may have, the txuri-urdin coach considers that all of them will be important to be able to face the challenges that lie ahead for the San Sebastian club with guarantees. Less common players in the oriotarra’s plans such as Bautista, Roberto López, Merquelanz and Sagnan have the interest of First and Second clubs; but he does not want anyone to leave the Real, and his idea is not to accept any of the proposals that may come in this winter market, unless the player himself expresses his desire to leave the Real to have more minutes, in which case their situation would be studied.

The idea they have in the realistic club is clear in this winter market. At least initially. They have their entire staff. Imanol does not want exits. Because he understands that he will need all his players to face the complicated challenge of going far again in the Copa del Rey while his struggle to be in European competition in the league does not suffer. The idea is to repeat the months of January and February that were completed last year and that led them to return to a Cup final 32 years later and return this year to the main stage of national football with the Super Cup. The key was last year is that Imanol pulled all the wardrobe he had, and that is why this past summer a deep template was designed to be able to adjust the loads of the players and achieve the greatest possible freshness in each game. The moment of the second unit has arrived with the Cup, and that is why Imanol does not want anyone to leave. Trust your entire staff 100%.

The Anoeta offices have already reached the interest of several First and Second clubs for some of those players who are having fewer opportunities, asking about their situation and the possibility that they will be on loan now in January. There is still no concrete offer, because the answer is that there is no intention to give in to anyone in this winter market, at least for now. Perhaps if the Cup does not advance as you want, you can consider that possibility. But for now the idea that Bautista can go to Valladolid is ruled out. Or the possibility that Roberto López could go on loan to some of the Second Division clubs that have asked for him.

Nor is it intended to part with Martin Merquelanz, in whom there are many hopes set despite the fact that so far he has not been able to participate much. Much less do they want to give in to Modibo Sagnan, because he is needed, despite the feeling that there is in the club is that a transfer again in Second would help him to grow more. In Copa he will have minutes, and otherwise, if a central defender arrives, he could be raised. But not today. Paradoxically, the club is more focused on guaranteeing the future of this project, speaking with representatives of players whose end of contract appears on the horizon, such as Monreal, Zaldua, Guridi, Aihen Muñoz, Adnan Januzaj, Robert Navarro and Roberto López. The idea is to propose different scenarios about their continuity in the Real Sociedad, the case of Monreal being the most urgent, undoubtedly, when the contract ends in the Real.

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