Ikea will launch a solar panel service in Spain

Ikea will launch a Solar Panel service in Spain

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As reported since Ikea, the decoration department store will launch their own solar panels in Spain together with the Group company Yesterday Nova, With you Energy. Specifically, the new service is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2021, when it will also launch in Portugal.

The Swedish company and Contigo Energía have jointly designed the offer of a service that, as detailed, “Combines functionality, design and affordable prices, with the best technical expertise and support to offer a turnkey solution for domestic solar energy”, that is, a combination of the strengths of both businesses.

Self-consumption service that will start from 4,170 euros

The company of Gesternova will be in charge of the installation and management of the solar systems that Ikea will put on sale as a self-consumption service at home through the installation of solar panels on roofs or roofs.

Prices will start at 4,170 euros and they will increase depending on the size of the system that is acquired. “It will be an affordable offer that facilitates access to self-consumption for the majority. It will be a simple, safe option, with all the integrated services and guarantees for the consumer “, they assure from the energy company.

Fight against climate change

“The next launch of this new ‘Home Solar’ solution and solar panels is part of the objective of fighting against climate change not only reducing the environmental impact of its operations but also promoting a more sustainable and affordable life in homes “, they point out from Ikea.

This product It is already marketed in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and France through different providers and It is expected to reach all the markets of the Ingka Group, Ikea’s partner, in 2025.

Reduction in household electricity bills

“The company sees in Spain a strong potential for enjoying more hours of sunshine and also for the benefits of a range that not only helps to minimize the impact of consumption from an environmental point of view, but also the cost of families who will see their electricity bill reduced by up to 50%, an attribute that can be of great value in the current context “, said the CEO of Ikea in Spain, Petra Axdorff.

“After these months, economic and social uncertainty has soared and from our position to continue contributing to a better life at home, we also adapt our offer so that it really has an effect on the consumer’s pocket. Perhaps sustainability is not among your priorities, but in any case, our goal is to make it easy for you, because as a society it must be and as an agent of change we want to generate that change. This is also the reason why we are especially promoting our low price policy, having already lowered it in more than 200 products in Spain this year “, Axdorff explained.

Sustainability and affordability

“For us, sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand, just as purpose and profit do, and our ‘Home Solar’ range will show this. Solar energy helps people with their energy needs and for us it is a line of business with a positive impact on the planet “, he concluded Axdorff.

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