“I saw the message two months later”: Shakira tells how Bizarrap approached her to collaborate with her

“I saw the message two months later”: Shakira tells how Bizarrap approached her to collaborate with her

Shakira wowed Jimmy Fallon show audiences with her live performance of “BZRP Music Session #53” on this talk show which is one of the most watched in the United States. (Screenshot)

Shakira and Bizarrap’s musical session continues to reap success. Not only have they become four world record holdersbut also had the opportunity to present the song live on the presenter’s nightly talk show American Jimmy Fallon. The two musicians, after performing the song, explained how the collaboration was born and the massive success it had. Bizarrap confessed that he didn’t know how to approach her, but he took a chance a direct message No had an immediate response.

As the Barranquillera woman, her youngest son, has already mentioned on other occasions, Milan, was a centerpiece during his meeting with the Argentinian producer. The boy is a huge fan of Biza, so much so that he refers to him as ‘the Argentinian god’. Little Milan urged Shakira to work with the DJ, even predicting that if they got together they would hit the top of the world music charts. Milan insisted so much that he himself called Shakira’s representative to ask him to reunite Shak with Biza.

“Mom, you have to collaborate with Bizarrap (…), you are going to be number one. He sent a voice message to my manager, Jaime. He said: “Jaime, you have to bring my mother to collaborate with Bizarrap because ‘they’re going to be number one.’ And he was right. I still have that sound“said the Colombian between two laughs.

Along with this, says Bizarrap, he had already sent a message to Shakira via his social networks. Although he confessed he knew it would be difficult for him to get close to the Colombian, he tried. as an argument to attract the attention of the barranquilleraused the massive success he had with his previous session, the one he did with the Spaniard Quevedo and with which He also traveled the world.

“It was for July last year, 2022. At that time, I had a song that was world number one with Quevedo. So I thought it was a good time to send her a direct message,” Biza commented as Shakira continued, “I only saw the message three months later, I don’t know why.” “Two months”Weird fixed.

Shakira tells how she contacted Bizarrap in Jimmy Fallon

“I said; “I would like to collaborate with you”Biza called back. “I showed the message to my son, I said, ‘look who’s writing to mum,’ and Milan replied, ‘Oh my God, the Argentinian god,'” Shakira shared.

In her interview, the Colombian also pointed out that the song worked as a kind of therapy for her. He said it was a way to express his feelings after going through a difficult separation. It’s important to remember that they have been contentious months for the Colombian. In addition to her divorce of former footballer Gerard Pique, He had to support his father in his complex health problems and had to face justice on charges of alleged tax evasion.

“I’m still going strong. I’ve been waiting for someone to wake me up from that dream. It was amazing to feel the reaction from so many people. I think people really connect with music when it’s very authentic, when it comes from a real place. The thing about this song is that it has become in a hymn for many womenShakira commented.

“I had a very difficult year after of my separation and writing this song was very important to me. It was a way healthy to channel my emotions. I feel like after I released this song, there weren’t just fans, but had a sorority with women that they had been through the same things, that they think like I think, that they feel like me. I wrote the song for myself, but I feel like it’s meant give voice to many women”he concluded.

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