Her name is Katalin Novak, she is a former minister of family policies and is a loyalist of the ultra-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban. She was elected with 137 votes to 51, no surprise considering the large majority held by the Fidesz party.

A staunch supporter of the traditional family, Novak showed up in the courtroom with her husband and three children.

“We women must split up,” she said in a speech aimed at praising the dowry, or need, of women to be multitasking, if it is in danger “we know how to defend our family with more courage than men,” she added.

On April 3 the legislative, Orban tries to ingratiate himself with the female electorate?

An economist, 44, Novak reaches the post of parliament president just 3 weeks before the April 3 legislative elections, elections in which the ruling party Fidesz may not shine.

According to analysts, Orban hopes to win the female vote with this move. Novak, like the prime minister, took sides against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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