Humanitarian crisis in Nariño, social organizations ask the Government to take measures

Humanitarian crisis in Nariño, social organizations ask the Government to take measures

Senators, Representatives to the Chamber, social and human rights organizations and civil society, through a humanitarian table, they call on the national government in search of solutions to the humanitarian crisis that live the inhabitants of the department of Nariño. In the document, They demand that measures be adopted that “humanize the conflict” experienced in the region and remove the civilian population from any violent impact.

The Humanitarian and Peacebuilding Table of the Pacific Nariñense, made up of Pablo Catatumbo, Aida Avella, Iván Marulanda, Roy Barreras, Antonio Sanguino, Ernesto Samper, María José Pizarro; and civil organizations, including Vivamos Humans, the Inter-ethnic Table of Nariño, the Black Communities Process (PCN), the Diocese of Tumaco, the District Table for Victims of San Andrés de Tumaco, the Awa People of the Maguí Reservation of the Municipality of Ricaurte and the Municipal Table of Victims of Leiva, demand the search for solutions, due to the nine massacres registered in 2020, the recent disappearance of 11 civilians, the multiple armed confrontations and the situation of massive displacement of more than 253 people this year.

These facts, the document points out, make it urgent to adopt measures to protect the population from any violent act. “The subregions of Pacific Nariñense, Coastal Piedemonte, Cordillera and Alto Patía, have been seriously affected for several years by multiple situations of forced displacement; homicides of male and female leaders; threats; forced recruitment of children and adolescents; confinements and damage by antipersonnel mines”, Reiterate the signatories.

Violence, says the humanitarian table, has intensified in recent months due to the confrontation between illegal armed actors who dispute the territory to consolidate their economic and political power. Therefore, they consider necessary the signing of a humanitarian agreement for the comprehensive implementation of the Peace Accords agreed in Havana and the strict compliance with the orders issued by the Constitutional Court through Auto 620 of 2017.

This violent framework demands that immediate actions be taken to protect and ensure the safety of the civilian population, supported by international guarantors “and executed by state institutions at the national and regional level and monitored in its compliance by the human rights control and defense bodies ”, they point out. In addition, they ask that these initiatives and strategies be accompanied by the construction and design of structural solutions to consolidate peace in the territories in terms of reducing the inequality, the combat of the racial, cultural and gender discrimination and the promotion of productive activities.

The humanitarian table asserts the Urgent call for the State to act effectively and provide protection, prevention and guarantees of non-repetition in the face of violence and systematic violation of human rights “that are affecting the inhabitants of different subregions of the department, as evidenced by the events that have occurred in recent weeks,” they conclude.

This week, the authorities found eight bodies that would be related to the eleven disappeared in Nariño. In addition, on January 20, two people were found who, according to the Tumaco representative, Jair Parra, were identified and were linked to the case. according to the National Police, The people were captured by dissidents of the Farc-EP, taken to another place and killed by gunshot wounds.. One of the hypotheses indicates that the young people, between the ages of 18 and 25, did not want to join criminal groups in the area and therefore ended their lives.

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