Hugo Sigman sold 55% of his COVID vaccine factory for 548 million dollars to the German group Fresenius Kabi

Hugo Sigman Sold 55% of His Covid Vaccine Factory for 548 Million Dollars to the German Group Fresenius Kabi

Insud Pharma today announced an agreement with Fresenius Kabi whereby the German group acquires 55% of mAbxience, the Spanish laboratory’s biotechnology company

Major moves between pharma giants after two years of the global COVID pandemic: Hugo Sigman’s Insud Pharma group sold the German Fresenius Kabi 55% -with an option for the remaining 45%, which would represent a billion dollar operation- of the biotechnological hub mAbxience.

This operation was consolidated for Є495 million euros -548 million dollars- and positions the German group Fresenius Kabi as the majority shareholder of the most important biotech hub producing vaccines in the country. mAbxience was the producer of the active ingredient of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the world in the midst of a pandemic.

Founded in 2010, mAbxience is a global biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development, manufacture and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies. It has three development and production plants with the latest technology, located in Spain and Argentina. mAbxience develops, registers and globally markets numerous biopharmaceuticals for different therapeutic areas thanks to its B2B partners.

Hugo Sigman, doctor, owner and owner of Insud Pharma and Grupo Insud. An industry visionary

This sale and creation of a new alliance between Fresenius Kabi e Insud Pharma It will favor new business for the biotech mAbxience that expands its global production capacity and maintains its identity, brand and equipment. And it highlights the differential skills of mAbxience in the development, manufacture and marketing of biopharmaceuticals.

With this acquisition of 55% of mAbxience by Germany’s Fresenius Kabi comes the acquisition of Ivenix to accelerate strategic growth in Biopharmaceuticals and MedTech. And they are part of the first steps in executing Fresenius’ Vision 2026 growth strategy.

And the acquisition of the majority stake in mAbxience significantly enhances Fresenius Kabi’s presence in the high-growth biopharmaceutical market and Ivenix adds a next-generation infusion therapy platform to transform product offering. Combined, these acquisitions will significantly increase the scale of the company in the coming years and accelerate the growth of the German group.

Stephan Sturm, CEO of Fresenius, expressed today through a statement, “through these acquisitions we are strengthening and leveraging Fresenius Kabi’s position, and supporting the company’s growth businesses in biopharmaceuticals and medical technology. We will continue to allocate capital in a focused manner to rigorously follow the global growth strategy.”

With this alliance, Insud Pharma wants to accelerate the growth of its biotechnology unit, favoring new opportunities for mAbxience clients and increasing its research and development activities. In fact, a new R&D center in Spain is scheduled to be inaugurated at the beginning of May.

As a result of this agreement, mAbxience continues with its growth plans and will maintain its corporate identity and its team of more than 600 professionals, which will allow the continuity of its current business strategy. The boards of directors of both groups have unanimously approved the transaction, which is expected to close in mid-2022, subject to the corresponding regulatory and legal conditions.

For Insud Pharma, this transaction will have a great impact as it will help boost its growth and international investment plan, while allowing it to start new activities.

“We are happy to announce our agreement with Fresenius Kabi to further the development of mAbxience. This collaboration highlights the capabilities of mAbxience in the field of biopharmaceuticals and the great team that makes it possible. This transaction represents a huge opportunity for the industry in general, to grow mAbxience and to collaborate and work together with a company like Fresenius Kabi”, said Lucas Sigman, CEO of Insud Pharma.

“mAbxience is the perfect example of how innovation and cutting-edge technology in the development and manufacture of medicines make treatments of the highest quality possible, offering alternatives to health systems and thus allowing their sustainability. Today’s announcement is proof of the great work of our teams, who have grown mAbxience from its origins to the leading company we know today”, added Sigman.

“In addition, this agreement also represents good news for Insud Pharma. The transaction will provide our company with the opportunity to continue to invest more and open the door for faster expansion into new areas. As Fresenius Kabi partners, we look forward to further advancing our mission of providing accessible medicines to patients around the world,” said Sigman.

Insud Pharma is a leading Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and health industry. With 7,000 employees in more than 40 countries, Insud Pharma contributes to global public health thanks to the medicines and active ingredients that are developed and manufactured in its three business units: industrial (Chemo), brand (Exeltis) and biotechnology (mAbxience) .

For Emmanuelle Lepine, CEO of mAbxience, “We believe that this strategic agreement with Fresenius Kabi represents the best possible step forward in line with mAbxience’s strategic growth plan. This alliance will allow further progress in our pipeline and accelerate our expansion capacity, which will undoubtedly benefit patients, customers and healthcare systems. This new stage will allow more opportunities to grow in key areas with a high technological level of development and manufacturing, as well as to strengthen access to strategic markets, which will be added to our already extensive global network of partners”.

According to Lepine “driven by this shared value in people and our mission, this agreement with Fresenius Kabi will allow mAbxience to advance in our goal of providing biopharmaceutical solutions that are “affordable, accessible and to everyone”. We are convinced that this alliance will reinforce our commitment to long-term sustainable growth, which will be highly beneficial for the growth and development of the entire team”.

Goldman Sachs acted as sole financial advisor to Insud Pharma, while Baker McKenzie acted as legal advisor.

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