How to achieve residency through a marriage to a US citizen

How to achieve residency through a marriage to a US citizen

Thousands of immigrants apply for residency after marrying a person born in the United States.

Attorney Matt Adams, Legal Director of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, explains the process and how long it takes.

If the marriage occurred less than two years from the date you request the benefit, the residence will be conditional and for two years, after which you must request that the conditionality be removed so that the residence is permanent.

If the immigrant has been deported or has a crime, it is advisable to consult an experienced immigration lawyer before filing the application with the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Attorney Adams already explained how the residence application affects deportation, for which he also advised the consultation of a lawyer.

Expert immigration attorney Matt Adams provides advice.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project legal director also clarified who qualifies for the immigration reform plan Presented by President Joe Biden.

An experienced immigration attorney explains the scope of the bill.

The plan is yet to be debated in the House of Representatives.

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