Hitmen murdered 3 Young Men on a Soccer field in the Neighborhood of Popayan, Cauca

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According to local sources, the victims were three young people, identified as Deiby Zúñiga, Jhoan Moreno Chimunja and Daniel Mauricio Fuly, who were allegedly killed by hitmen on the soccer field in the El Recuerdo neighborhood, in the city of Popayán, after 10:00 pm on January 17.

The alert was sent to the media by INDEPAZ, Human Rights organization that keeps an inventory of the acts of massacres in the country.

According to this organization, this would be the fourth massacre in the first month of 2020.

After this event, the city government secretary, Elvia Rocío CuencaHe told journalists in the region that one of the young men, still unidentified, could be taken alive to a hospital; however, minutes later he died from the gunshot wounds.

The police authorities affirmed that one of the motives could be an account adjustment between gangs, a version that contradicts the one established by Indepaz.

The murky panorama of the massacres in Colombia

In 2020, 89 massacres were registered throughout the country, where 370 people were murdered. These occurred in 62 municipalities of 23 departments. This means that between 25% and 30% of the municipalities in Colombia continue with dynamics of violence and the presence of armed groups outside the law.

In fifteen days of 2021 Indepaz has reported 9 murders of social leaders nationwide / (Twitter: @Indepaz).
In fifteen days of 2021 Indepaz has reported 9 murders of social leaders nationwide / (Twitter: @Indepaz).

According Camilo Gonzalez, president of the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (INDEPAZ), the recent massacres with which 2021 began are alarms that must be heard, in an interview with Caracol Radio.

It is a reiterated and announced situation because there have been alerts about this and there are antecedents such as those of Betania and Ituango, the truth is that it is a very negative precedent and an alert for the Government, the citizens and the authorities to have a common cause, the defense of life”Said González.

The director of Indepaz called on all authorities to take preventive measures, as he assures that the electoral situation may increase violence in the different territories of the country.

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Entities such as the UN and the IACHR have condemned the massacres and deaths that occurred in Colombia, while pointing out the responsibilities of the Colombian State in the indolence with which it has treated this situation.

“It is tragic to see so many people being victims of persistent violence across the country. In addition to these murders, the victims include, of course, those who remained, who remain almost completely defenseless, ”commented UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachellet.

Only on January 15, 2021, three social leaders were assassinated, in Yondó, Antioquia, in Argelia Cauca and in La Apartada Córdoba. In addition, three massacres of as many social leaders, demobilized or young people, had been carried out.

According to Indepaz, there were 309 social leaders in 2020, one of the most violent years for this type of Human Rights defenders. And the situation has not stopped yet: 9 leaders and Human Rights defenders assassinated during 2021, which only takes 18 days.

This phenomenon has to deserve a policy that is not simply offering rewards and making a safety tip because that does not solve the average. That money is never delivered because they never solve the problem and there they have it saved for the next ad”Added Camilo González in an interview with Caracol Radio.

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