Heat wave: the army brought 100,000 liters of water to the suburbs of Buenos Aires

Heat wave: the army brought 100,000 liters of water to the suburbs of Buenos Aires

The armed forces brought water to Lomas de Zamora, Almirante Brown and Quilmes, given the temperatures that remain high

Members of argentina army goes around the matches of Lomas de Zamora, Almirante Brown and Quilmesin the Province of Buenos Aireshelping with 100,000 liters of drinking water from tanker trucks and 56,000 sachets with the elementary liquid to the inhabitants of different neighborhoods where the provision of the service has been affected.

The operation was carried out by the Association of Engineers 601with seat in may field. From there they moved to this point in the Suburbs of Buenos Aires with green trucks and red pipes, with the aim of supplying families.

They did this in two different ways: through sachets of half a liter of drinking water that neighbors could withdraw and take home, either by deploying the hose and filling “in bulk” the barrels and cans available in each dwelling.

Although the hello heat it has eased slightly over the past few days, temperatures have held steady with highs near 30 degrees in different parts of the country. Added to this are the inconveniences in the provision of basic services such as electricity and water in the center of the country, with critical areas such as the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

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The official report on Sunday of the Energy Regulator Entity (ENRE), for example, reported that at the end of the weekend, 14,000 users remained without electricity. In many buildings, the lack of electricity also means an obstacle to the supply of drinking water.

Residents of Lomas de Zamora, Almirante Brown and Quilmes received help

It is within this framework that the army decided to deploy. There Association of Engineers account, in turn, with the company of water engineers. Its members have received education and training to provide logistical support of various types during military operations deployments, but this capability is also available to the company when emergencies or needs arise, as has produced in these three parts.

The formation of the army corps includes a logistics capacity: the company of water engineers has mobile water treatment plants. They are called reverse osmosis plants and can supply up to 86,000 liters per day.

Indeed, this tool allows uniformed agents to purify and bottle the liquid “through a process that guarantees all the conditions and safety measures for human consumption”, they explained from the strength.

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The operation was carried out jointly by the Department of Defense led by Jorge Taiana and the government of the province of Buenos Aires. As officially indicated, the deployment will continue for the next few days.

The Company of Water Engineers has mobile wastewater treatment plants
The Company of Water Engineers has mobile wastewater treatment plants

According to information from National Weather Service, the temperature will gradually rise towards the weekend. Forecasts indicate that in the area where the army made its rounds, highs will again reach 30 degrees between Friday and Saturday.

Dozens of families took to the streets in the presence of the Army to take advantage of assistance for an operation organized in view of the inconvenience that the heat wave continues to generate.

Nearly 100,000 homes were left in the dark on Saturday according to the ENRE outage map, which produces hour-by-hour reports. An update made to 20, indicated that the total number of users without electricity in AMBA was 20,406 at that time.

By Sunday afternoon, this figure had fallen to 14,468 households without power: 12,453 of them corresponded to the area operated by Edenor and 2,015 to that managed by Edesur.

The format was in water sachets and in bulk
The format was in water sachets and in bulk

In the Autonomous City of Buenos AiresThe cuts affected the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires Almagro, Barracas, Balvanera, Boedo, Caballito, Constitución, Flores, Floresta, La Boca, Mataderos, Monserrat, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Chacabuco, Recoleta, Parque Patricios, Retiro, San Cristóbal, San Nicolás , Villa Devoto, Villa General Mitre, Villa Luro, Villa Real, Villa Riachuelo and Villa Santa Rita.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, the lack of electricity supply occurred mainly in the neighborhoods of Avellaneda, Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes, Lanús, General San Martín, La Matanza, Escobar, San Fernando and Tigre.

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