User associations say they don’t know who will be responsible for their health care. crush

The ace user associations representing thousands of patients from EPS page of the country said, through a press release, that the health reform project of the Government of Gustavo Petrowhich is currently the subject of debate in Congress of the Republicdoes not understand the needs, observations and proposals Colombian health system.

They said that the text of the initiative does not present concrete solutions to the lack of physical infrastructures and health personnel that guarantee access to the health service in territories where today there is not even a doctor who attends at the first level.

“These populations cannot continue to be taken care of by sporadic medical brigades or by transfers to other populations”, report the associations.

Likewise, they stated that they do not know who will answer for their health care nor the continuity of treatment. In the same way, they warned against the denial of the principle of the free choice of the provider and declared that with the proposal of this reform, mechanisms are not put in place to improve the speed of care, in particular with specialists , because solving this serious problem depends on increasing the number of professionals.

Another of the points they deal with is that there is no clarity on what will be the means of distribution of drugs and they express concern about the uncertainty regarding the funding of the health system and the future risk that users will have to pay more for the provision of services.

“From a logic free of technicalities and individual interests, each of the Colombians must do the exercise of imagining what attention would look like with this reform. We agree that health care must be improved, but we also believe that the real reform must put the user back at the center of the debate and begin to treat the population which today does not have real access to health. These are the necessary changes,” they said.

The statement was signed by the Sanitas Users Association, the Cundinamarca Users Association, the Compensar EPS Users Association, the Total Health Users Association, the Famisanar Users Association, the Coosalud Users Association and Aliansalud Users Association.

Several irregularities brand four faculties of medicine of the country after the celebration of the ordinary general meeting of the Colombian Medical Federation (FMC) held on March 25.

In a document signed by the delegates of the faculties of medicine of Santander, Cauca, Antioquia and Cundinamarca and Bogotáthese, among others, affirmed that they did not support the project of health reform of the government of Gustavo Petro, despite the fact that the presidency of the FMC signaled that there was strict support.

“Dr. Sergio Isaza, President of the FMC, makes a statement regarding support for the health care reform bill through this organization. However, some schools do not strictly support the content of the articles in full compliance with the democratic and rigorous exercise that is carried out in the group of fundamental agreements, to date, composed of 19 medical organizations,” reads the document. .

Additionally, it has been reported that no evidence has been found that the president and principals of this period gave space to departmental schools in the construction of the health reform project presented by the current government to the Congress of the Republic.

“Contrary to what has been said, there are alleged irregularities in the financial management of the outgoing directives which involve the hiring of a close associate of the outgoing president at the FMC, constituting an act contrary to transparency and ethics which must be displayed in all of his FMC actions,” they asserted.

Of all, the complaining schools added, the prosecutor raised the respective demands and formal warnings to the board in this periodwithout answer.

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