Gustavo Petro assured that the Gulf clan broke the ceasefire for the attacks in Antioquia

Gustavo Petro assured that the Gulf clan broke the ceasefire for the attacks in Antioquia

FILE – Colombian President Gustavo Petro continues to denounce acts of violence in Bajo Cauca, Antioquia. (AP Photo/Iván Valencia, File)

Over the weekend, a disturbing panorama of public order was reported in the region of Lower Cauca Antioquia in the context of mining strikeaccording to the authorities who rejected the facts which left multiple losses, this demonstration would have been infiltrated by the gulf clanwho would be interested in stopping the intervention of the authorities in the file of illegal mining in the region, which has been carried out in recent years by the armed group.

Among the multiple complaints, the alleged protesters set fire to ambulances, attempted to kill members of the public force, kidnapped locals and more. Despite efforts to call for calm, hostilities in the area have escalated and in the past few hours it has been reported that a group of subjects with covered faces set fire to the toll booth located at the entrance to the commune. of Taraza and not satisfied, they broke a drinking water pipe that supplies at least 48,000 people.

The fact provoked a strong reaction from President Gustavo Petro, who, through his official Twitter account, pointed out that this demonstrates that the Gulf clan broke the agreement he had reached with his government at the end of 2022 and the start of the 2023 ceasefire. For the president, attacking the basic resources of the civilian population is a sign that the drug trafficking group is against the Colombian people, therefore, it threatens the life of the communities.

“They left Tarazá without drinking water, breaking the pipes. The gulf clan against the humble”, noted President Petro who added: “To attack a city’s drinking water is to endanger the lives of boys and girls, of all human beings. The gulf clan with its hostility against the population has broken the ceasefire”.

Trill of President Gustavo Petro
Trill of President Gustavo Petro

That’s not the only statement the president has made about the Gulf clan’s unwillingness, as over the weekend he mentioned, “If the gulf clan is behind the blocks, so he does not want peace as he said. Peace implies the dismantling of illegal economies”, he wrote on his official Twitter account, through which he also extended a reflection on the armed structures with these characteristics: “The Gulf clan is the heir of the Paramilitary structures of UrabáFor this reason, it was created by the state itself, but gained autonomy with drug trafficking and illegal mining. It acts by bribing officials and terrorizing the population.”

Along this same line, Government Through a press release, they announced that until the violence and hostilities cease, negotiations with the mining representatives will not resume, just as they rejected what is happening in the region and deployed the Armed forceswho have regained control of certain roads in order to supply the affected municipalities with food and medicine.

“Only in conditions of complete freedom and security for the inhabitants, national government is ready to return to the dialogue table with all the proposals and the spirit of building the design of a public policy to advance the development and prosperity of the region,” reads the letter sent by the office of the Presidency.

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