Guatemala: weather forecast for Flores on March 13

Guatemala: weather forecast for Flores on March 13

Climate information is increasingly relevant to society. (GlobeLiveMedia/Jovani Perez)

Coat and umbrella or light clothes and cap? If you don’t know what to wear to go out this Monday, it’s here weather forecast for the next few hours in Flores.

The probability of precipitation for this Monday in Flores it’s 25% during the day and 45% all night.

During this time, cloudiness will be 33% during the day and 45% at night.

As for temperature a high of 38 degrees and a low of 21 degrees are expected in this region. UV rays should reach a level of up to 10.

While the gusts of wind will reach 17 kilometers per hour during the day and 18 kilometers per hour at night.

The climate in Flores is mainly tropicalhowever, there is an area that records the savannah or wet-dry subtype, which is characterized by two well-defined seasons, one wet and the other dry.

In this tropical climate subtype, most of the year is warm. Although the dry season is predominant, the short rainy season is characterized by torrential rains.

The mentioned type of climate, the tropical humid dry or savannah, is felt mainly in the south of the city.

Meanwhile, the rest of the municipality of Flores is affected by the existence of the jungle, which makes the rains more abundant during most of the year.

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Guatemala: between coasts and mountains

Located on the Tropic of Cancer, in the nation of Guatemala, the climate is mainly tropical.

However, the weather varies according to the regions of the country, whether in the plains and coasts or in the mountains.

On the coasts and plains, which cover most of Guatemala, the climate is mainly tropical, while in the mountainous areas the prevailing weather is dry and cool.

the rainy season in Guatemala it begins in May and continues until October, while the dry season It runs from December to April.

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