A 22-year-old British tourist has died in a horrific accident, apparently caused by his own negligence.

The version of the facts of the local police is denied by the relatives of the victim. A 22-year-old Briton named Jack Fenton died on Monday July 25 in Athens (Greece) after being hit in the face by the blades of a moving helicopter. As reported by the Daily Mail, the young man died instantly.

According to the British media, the appalling accident occurred shortly after the landing of this private helicopter in the Greek capital, from the island of Mykonos. The victim was staying with several of his friends on this very touristy island and was preparing to return to England.

He would have returned to the tarmac walking at high speed

“The four passengers had disembarked and were being escorted to a private lounge awaiting a private flight to London, but while in the lounge the victim broke away and ran back onto the tarmac rushing towards the helicopter at full speed,” said Ioannis Kandyllis, chairman of the Greek air safety committee, quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Witnesses we spoke to said he had a phone to his ear and walked quickly towards the device, defying ground staff who were yelling at him to stop. Within seconds the tragic accident happened. It was horrific.”

The pilot and two ground technicians arrested, then released

According to Greek police, Jack Fenton actually returned to the helicopter, which was still running, in order to take a selfie. Information denied with virulence by the relatives of the deceased present on the spot. Inevitably traumatized by the scene, the latter were taken care of by a psychological aid cell.

The case is now in the hands of the police, who first arrested the helicopter pilot and two ground technicians, before releasing them. The investigation will have to determine the responsibilities of each in this drama. According to the Daily Mail, these three people could be prosecuted for negligence or manslaughter, depending on the progress of the investigations.

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