Germany: Massive outrage in the center of Berlin leaves one dead and five seriously injured

Germany: Massive outrage in the center of Berlin leaves one dead and five seriously injured

The massive outrage recorded this Wednesday in a busy commercial area of berlin It has caused one death and five critically injured, according to police sources, who are still investigating whether it was an accident or an intentional act.

The event occurred near avenida Kurfürstendamm at 0830 GMT, according to Berlin Police spokesman Thilo Cablitz.

Its cause was a man, driver of a “Renault Clio”who has been detained and is being interrogated to try to clarify what happened.

Likewise, it is being investigated whether, in the event of an accident, its trigger was a medical problem in the driver of the vehicle, added Cablitz.

The vehicle was first launched against the group of people, after which it continued to circulate for about 200 meters, to end up crashing into the window of a shop in the area. A total of ten people were injured, five of whom were in critical condition and three seriously injured.

According to regional public television RBB, the driver tried to flee the area after crashing his carbut was held by passers-by until the arrival of the police.

The event has occurred in a busy commercial area in that part of berlinto which some 60 members of the fire department and health teams traveled to care for those affected, several of whom were transferred by helicopter to the hospital.

The place where his vehicle crashed is next to the Breitscheidplatz, the central square where in December 2016 the Tunisian jihadist Anis Amri deliberately drove a stolen truck into a popular Christmas market and killed 12 people of various nationalities.

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