Gerard Pique’s ex-girlfriend spoke for the first time about the scandalous separation from Shakira: the subtle darts on the protagonists

Gerard Pique’s ex-girlfriend spoke for the first time about the scandalous separation from Shakira: the subtle darts on the protagonists

Tomás and Piqué, when they were together: the relationship began in 2009. And Shakira, with whom the former player was in a relationship for 12 years

It was the voice that was missing in the scandalous separation of Gerard pricks there Shakira. nuria tomas, the world champion’s former partner with Spain in 2010, was approached at a marquee event and asked for his thoughts on the breakup. The businesswoman wanted to be a diplomat, although she left two subtle darts to the protagonists of the story mixed between her statements.

Tomás, now in a relationship with August Puig Bosch and mother of two, was the former defender’s girlfriend when he met the singer in 2010. And she was measured in her first assessments of the separation . “I don’t want to comment. I don’t know, I don’t think because I haven’t started to investigate. They have their story. I wish him and everyone the best. I haven’t never talked about him and I won’t now.”

Now, there are crack shots to which he could not be indifferent. For example, Session 53 of the artist and Bizarrap in which the Colombian demolishes the former Barcelona defender. “How not to listen to him? They put it everywhere,” he agreed. This is where the first sting came, this time for her ex.

“When there are feelings at stake, everyone manages it in their own way”He justified Shakira, although he later added, “I’m no one to give an opinion, I dare not, I don’t know her and I haven’t had a chance to ask her.”

In the same song, the artist also pointed against Clara Chia Marti, current partner of her ex. And that’s where Tomás distanced himself. “I can’t tell you anything, but women should help each other“, she took the side of the current employee of the company Kosmos.

“I am surprised that the press continues to name me after so many years,” said the businesswoman in front of the microphones, her mind already turned to another story. Yet, as soon as the split became known in June 2022, her name once again gained strength thanks to information offered by journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin.

In good relationship with Shakira and in constant confrontation with Pique, he alleged that infidelities were commonplace on the part of the former player. And he named a specific one in which he involved Tomás. He assured that in 2016 Gérard “had a meeting with an ex-girlfriend he has never forgotten”.

“Today she is happily married, she just became a mother, then she was single. This meeting took place in the department of Nuria. He was in the concentration of the Spanish team, he goes to Nuria’s apartment by taxi, they see each other for two hours and come back with the team“, he detailed in a television program. “This information was passed on to Shakira’s brother, Tonino, Shakira is aware of this infidelity,” he added.

“There is no photo, I discover it the next day, I cannot betray, I go to lunch with a person and this person tells me ‘Gérard was in the apartment last night'”, he said. for follow-up.

There are two people in the apartment, Gerard and Nuria. The information comes to me through one of the two. Enough. The next day, I will have lunch with one of the two. And it is this person who tells me, ”he concluded, implying that it was the woman who confirmed the affair.

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