Georgia: Man swears to murder who abused and killed his girlfriend

Georgia: Man swears to murder who abused and killed his girlfriend

A young man in Georgia lives a nightmare that he will not be able to stop until he takes revenge, after a Man abused and murdered his girlfriend.

“I have a mission in my life and it is to kill the person who took her life”, sentenced Moudy El Sayed, according to a report by Daily Mail.

The aforementioned media reported that the victim was identified as Shanae Brooke Edwards, 31, who was assassinated last Friday, July 30, when she was walking on Mount Mtatsminda.

It is known that a stranger intercepted her and ended her life; Furthermore, a friend of Shanae’s had witnessed what happened at the precise moment she was talking on the phone with the victim’s boyfriend.

After learning of the murder of her partner, Moudy El Sayed, assured that he would take care of avenging Brooke, no matter how long it takes him to locate the rapist and murderer.

“I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life behind bars, justice will be done and you will suffer the same as she suffered.” He pronounced according to Daily Mail.

“Justice will be served, my love. I will bury that person, nothing will stop me, I promise you”, he added.

Shanae’s boyfriend also revealed that his plans were to meet Edwards in Europe; however, the pandemic kept them apart.

Regarding the crime, the Georgian Ministry of the Interior indicated that an investigation into the woman’s death was launched.

Local media reported that the possible perpetrator of the crime would be a man with blond hair, about 30 years old.

In a Facebook group, a user indicated that she had heard the victim’s cries for help. Shanae Brooke’s body was found a day later, on Saturday, July 31.

Shanae Brooke Edwards was originally from Australia, but since 2016 she began to travel the world and two years ago she had arrived in Georgia, where she taught English.

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