The former president of Georgia Mijail Saakashvili was transferred this Thursday back to prison from the military hospital to which he had been taken on November 19 after almost 50 days on hunger strike and after losing consciousness during your protest.

Saakashvili’s transfer from the Gori military hospital to Rustavi prison has been confirmed by the former president’s lawyers, without the authorities having ruled for now, according to the Georgian Civil news portal.

Saakashvili’s return to prison has also been confirmed by his partner, the Ukrainian parliamentarian Liza Yasko, who has said that the former president “was forcibly abducted from a hospital in Gori at 2:00 am”.

“They kidnapped him by force and transferred him to Rustav prison. At this time it is unknown if he is conscious. Is this possible in the 21st century?” Yasko asked through a message posted on his account in the social network Facebook.

Saakashvili’s sentimental partner said Wednesday that his health condition “is critical” and stated that “he is lying down all the time” and suffers from “neurological attacks”. “He does not receive the necessary medical attention,” he denounced in another message on Facebook.

Saakashvili objected to being transferred back to prison during the day of December 27, which led the government to temporarily postpone the decision.

Mikhail Saakashvili was sentenced for two crimes: three years in prison in connection with the murder of the banker Sandro Girgvliani and another six years for being behind the beating of deputy Valeri Gelashvili in 2005.

In addition, he is being investigated for committing in a crime of abuse of authority in the framework of the protests against the Government in 2007, something that he has denied at all times. The former president was arrested on October 1 after returning to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

The former president considers himself a political prisoner and began a hunger strike at the time of his arrest. Various international organizations, as well as the opposition and the international community, have long demanded that he be transferred to a hospital for proper treatment.

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