Gana Gato: winning move and result of the last draw

Gana Gato: winning move and result of the last draw

The National Lottery draws the Gana Gato three days a week: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (GlobeLiveMedia / Jovani Pérez)

check right away the results of the draw winning cat of this February 21, issued by the National Lottery of Public Assistance.

Protect your ticket wellis very valuable as it is the official receipt to collect the money in case you win, keep it in a safe place and try not to lose it.

Remember that you only have 60 calendar days, counted from the day following the holding of the corresponding contest, to withdraw your prize. Once this period has expired, the right to collect the prize will have expired and its final destination will be the Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of the Public Assistance.

All prizes are awarded in national currency and under the conditions established on the back of the ticket as well as the rules of the draw or in question. Forecasts For Public Assistance will withhold tax in accordance with the provisions of Section 163 of the Income Tax Act.

Draw: 2504 of winning cat

Date: February 21

Winning Combination: 03, 01, 04, 02, 02, 05, 04 and 03

On this occasion, Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública delivered a total of 707,753.98 pesos.

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winning cat is a digital print based on the famous “cat” game with a cost of 10 pesos.

To play, you must fill in eight of the nine slots on the jackpot with numbers from 1 to 5. The National Lottery gives you the central number, so you don’t have to fill it in.

You can tell the prediction agent directly which numbers you want to play with and they will enter them into the system without having to fill out the flyer.

You can also apply the Ganagatic mode, in which the player leaves the numbers random and the system will choose them randomly for you.

To win, it will be necessary that at least three selected numbers correspond to those of the draw and that they in turn form straight lines as in the traditional game.

Another option is to hit two numbers that form a straight line and complete the “cat” by crossing the joker in the center, the number that the National Lottery gives you.

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The National Public Assistance Lottery is a decentralized institute of the federal public administration responsible for organizing raffles with cash prizes.

Resources are for public assistancethat is, to capture money for the federal government that is redirected to provide equality to these Mexicans, the possibility of meeting their urgent needs themselves.

The National Lottery has legal personality and its own assets, because it does not receive budgetary resources from the Federal Government, it is self-financing with the profits of the draws it makes.

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