From helmsman of the ship to skipper of the defense: guess who is this player that everyone fights for

From Helmsman of the Ship to Skipper of the Defense:Guess who is this Player that Everyone Fights for

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Our little helmsman, whose first surname is Olatukunbo, was born in June 1992 in one of the most touristic European capitals and now, 28 years later, he is one of the most popular figures of the moment on the planet football. With a Nigerian father and a Filipino mother, he is not the first member of the family to achieve fame, since his father is a famous DJ in his country. It is his aunt and sister Rose May who help him ‘set the course’ in the first photograph. In the other, we can see him enjoying a Halloween party that he attended with his teammates. Although we have not used any snapshot with them so as not to clear all doubts so quickly.

Since childhood started kicking a ball for the first time and at age 6 joined SV Aspern the district where the family lived. It did not take long to stand out and this led him to Vienna Austria four years later, main team of the aforementioned capital and that is a great clue about our protagonist. His unstoppable progression led him to be called up with the first team at the age of 16. Although it would not give him time to debut, because that summer, 2008, packed his suitcases, swapping his potential debut in the Austrian Bundesliga for the other Bundesliga, the German. It reached a large where it became capital, but had to spend a year on loan at Hoffenheim to win a position among the professionals and permanently abandon the subsidiaries.

The versatility he showed on the pitch, being able to play as a defender, midfielder and even winger, was the main value that made him attract the attention of the greats at such a young age. A versatility that, with the passage of time, has not abandoned him and has helped him to become one of the most complete players today, since he works with solvency in up to three demarcations: left back, central defender and even midfielder. Further, he became the youngest player to be international with his country, at 17 years old.

Successful conversion

The third of them is the most ‘marginal’ of them all, since he has only played 38 games as a midfielder in his entire career. Being the position that opened the doors to stardom that of left back. However, it is the second, in the center of the rear, which has placed him on the agendas of the great teams in Europe.

Austrian. With African roots. Arrived in adolescence to a great of German football. Versatile left side that it has earned a place among the best center-backs on the continent. 28 years. The big ones raffle it. It is clear that many of those who have come this far already know who it is: David Alaba.

In the best agendas

Bayern Munich’s ’27’ has the hours counted at the Allianz Arena, because the high economic demands requested to renew have made him one of the most sought-after free agents in recent years. Valued at 65 million euros, the team that manages to win the bid will win a player in his prime for zero euros. His coach, Hansi Flick, does not resign himself, but assumes the reality: “Hope is the last thing that is lost. But naturally I know that things are going in a certain direction, that for the team it will mean a change”

Photo of Alaba

The address he refers to is none other than Real Madrid, which has him as the man indicated if the renewal of Sergio Ramos does not come to fruition. Many already take it for granted, but there is nothing official at the moment. Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and PSG wait crouched. Waiting for time to set the pace is the premise to follow as far as your future is concerned. As far as his legacy is concerned, his record that impresses with a Bavarian giant is his best cover letter: nine Bundesligas, six Pokal, three Super Cups, two Champions League, two European Super Cups and one Club World Cup. Almost nothing.

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