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Tabanera de Cerrato is a Palencia town of only 142 inhabitants who is looking for families with children to repopulate. In return, offers a house and a grocery store as I claim to those people looking for new opportunities.

The Town Hall spread the following announcement: “We seek family with children for a brand new home of 85 square meters in Tabanera de Cerrato and take care of the new grocery store below. “

Huge interest

Those responsible for the message were Mayor Luz Íscar and her husband, Councilor Carlos Paillet. They both notably stayed surprised by the interest it aroused even outside of Spain: “We have received calls from Holland, Germany, France, Uruguay, Argentina… and from all over Spain“, Íscar explained to EFE.

The first day 110 calls were received, and so far this week more than 500 have already been registered: “I have stopped counting them. We are overwhelmed, we put him in a group of mayors in the area to spread the word but we never imagined that it transcended so much “, recognized in the aforementioned medium.

Service to the people

The offer includes a house of 85 square meters that is being rehabilitated through the Rehabitaré program promoted by the Junta de Castilla y León. On the ground floor, you will find a place built with the support of the Diputación de Palencia destined to set up a grocery store: “We wanted to give a business for the interested family and a service for the people “, stressed the councilor.

From the Consistory they emphasize that they seek an “enterprising family that is looking for a change of life and that it adapts to living in a town in Castile. “Although really, the massive response has made them observe that “There are many desperate people, who are having a very bad time and need help.”

A school for Tabanera

The requirement of children is because so they could ask for a school for Tabanera. And regarding the establishment of groceries, would serve the residents of the town, as well as those of Villahán, Antiquity or Palenzuela, which currently have to travel further.

Because COVID-19 has changed the mindset of many people, the mayor assures that “we are convinced that there will be a boom of people who, after this pandemic, you will want to develop your life project in a village and we want to be ready to receive them. ”

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