The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron went this Wednesday to Teste-de-Buch, in Gironde, an area ravaged by fires which have already burned 7000 hectares, of which he met the inhabitants. When the fires are extinguished, he promised to “replant and rebuild” on this territory.

“We will very quickly relaunch the work by your side, launch a major national project to be able to replant this forest, it’s a huge project,” said Emmanuel Macron. He promises to “replant a forest for which we are going to build more protective rules and long-term prevention rules”, to “prevent the risks of today and tomorrow”.

These new rules will be thought out with the local actors dealing with the forest, such as the ONF [Office National des Forêts], he specified. They will have to make it possible to “adapt to changes in the situation, and to completely new fires like those that we have experienced here and that we are experiencing”.

New rules “very quickly” to rebuild

On the spot, he exchanged with the inhabitants, in particular with people who lost their campsite in the flames, and promised them to “start work” to rebuild their establishments and to put new regulations in place to avoid damage to the future.

“We will be there to help you, accompany you we will help you rebuild”, assured the Head of State, but “could it be the same campsite as yesterday? No. Many of you already had disputes with the state because the rules had changed and it hadn’t adapted,” he explains.

Emmanuel Macron promises to give new rules “very quickly, so that what we rebuild immediately meets the standards. The only thing we have to do is tell you very quickly what the rules are to prevent, and let’s go,” he said. “The commitment I make is that we set these rules very clearly, very quickly”, to rebuild quickly.

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