Firefighters from the City work this Thursday morning in the fire of an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, Argentina. According to the first information, the fire is recorded on the sixth floor of the building, which has a total of fourteen, located in Ecuador at 1000, meters from Córdoba Avenue.

The holder of the SAME, Alberto Crescentispecified that “despite efforts to revive them” there are already five dead -three minors and two adult women- and 18 people transferred to Buenos Aires hospitals.

“One of the women died at the Ramos Mejía Hospital and another at the Fernández Hospital,” he said. Meanwhile, the authorities stated that the children who died lived on the 7th floor, from where they were removed alive, but they arrived deceased at the Gutiérrez Hospital.

Crescenti said that those who lived in this property notified him that eight of those affected shared a flat and, by 8 in the morning, confirmed that the fire was “controlled” and that SAME personnel were checking the building to assess the condition of the people who were still inside.

“We are going floor by floor, combing the entire building again, to find out if those who remained in the unaffected departments inspired smoke or not,” manifested. The authorities stated that no more victims were evacuated on floors above eight.

In addition, the doctor stated that they received the alert at ten minutes to six in the morning, which the situation developed on the seventh and eighth floors, and that the wounded are in the Durand, Pirovano, Ramos Mejía, Rivadavia, Fernández, Elizalde and Children’s hospitals.

When the tasks began, in his first exchanges with the press, Crescenti had revealed that among those affected there were “four or five minors in serious condition” at the Children’s Hospital and a pregnant woman, also in serious condition, transferred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital. Also, that there were several occupied floors.

“We are waiting for news in hospitals, they are resuscitating them, they are in cardiorespiratory arrest,” indicated at that time, while reporting that 25 ambulances worked at the scene. For now The reasons for the incident are unknown.

According to information to which he was able to access THE NATION Regarding how the tasks were carried out in the emergency, the firefighters worked simultaneously: on the one hand, they protected three people -an older person and two minors- and attacked the fire with two 38-millimeter lines; while, on the other, they carried out an inspection of the floors. They also deployed a hydrolift for a primary site.

A a 9-year-old girl was treated, who was supplied with oxygen by staff. An older woman was also lowered down the internal stairs, with a rigid board and a cervical collar. With this last person, they are two older adult women who could be rescued alive and conscious.


Meanwhile, a woman who lives on the block where the burned building is located, named Romina, told the channel TN what was heard “an explosion” between 4.30 and 5 in the morning. “Cries for help were heard, we saw children, there was a lot of smoke. I saw two children as if leaning out on the balcony, ”she said.

For his part, Horacio, who lives on the first floor of the affected property, said that At 6 o’clock they began to ring the bell and knock on the doors to get them out of their units. “We thought it was a assaulta couple of months ago they assaulted the building with firearms so I did not open the door, “he said, once outside.

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