Fire in Recoleta: the emotional moment when the 6th floor neighbor was reunited with her son

Fire in Recoleta: the emotional moment when the 6th floor neighbor was reunited with her son

A tragic fire unleashed this morning at the corner of Ecuador and Córdoba, Recoleta, caused 5 deaths and forced the transfer of twenty people who inhaled smoke to different hospitals in the City of Buenos Aires. A neighbor who lives under the apartment where the accident began revealed that in the place lives a married couple with 9 children.

“I woke up to falling debris and my neighbor’s screams. The father of the family desperately asked for help from the stairs; he grabbed the fire extinguisher, but you couldn’t enter the apartment because everything was on fire”, said the woman, who was still in shock at what she had experienced.

According to the head of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, The deceased are three minors and two women.. One of them died at Fernández Hospital and the other at Ramos Mejía. They were all members of the same family.

7th floor apartment on fire

“The father only asked for help, he was nervous, he could hardly speak, he only asked for help because he had the children and the wife inside”, added the neighbor, who also revealed that the family of the 7th is made up of the marriage and 9 children, where there are minor children and adolescents. The couple also has two other older children, married, who did not live in the place.

The neighbor also revealed that first a crew of firefighters arrived and after 15 minutes only the other. In addition, she said that the building located in Ecuador at 1,000, meters from Córdoba, is divided. From 1st to 5th there are three apartments per floor. From the 6th they are complete floors.

At the time she was counting, one of her sons arrived at the scene and learned of the fatal fire on television and did not know if it was his mother’s apartment. Both hugged each other and between tears of emotion they were grateful to be safe.

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