Fire at the military hospital: an underground was set on fire. There are no casualties. It also did not affect the patients, but the workers had to evacuate. (Twitter: BA Emergencies)

An incident in the electrical wiring room of the Central military hospitallocated in the district of Palermo in the City of Buenos Airesstarted a fire which forced the intervention of several fire departments, the evacuation of the adjoining offices and the temporary power cut in the area of ​​the incident, by the company Edenor.

The episode ended no injuries. It happened before noon this Thursday, March 16, in a wing of the building located at Avenida Luis María Campos 726, in the aforementioned neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

According to the emergency report released later, the fire originated from an identified fault in an 80-meter-long underground wiring, which eventually affected the hospital’s electrical control room.

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The fire destroyed the equipment in the underground facilities of the Hospital: counters and boards in the room were affected by the flames.

Various endowments of Firefighters from the city of Buenos Aires arrived at the scene and managed to control the situation. Initially, they had to act with matafuegos since they did not have the possibility of cutting off all the electricity supply of the hospital to protect the integrity of the treatment rooms. intensive therapy and other susceptible to the hospital.

Fire at the central military hospital: an underground was set on fire

Upon the arrival of staff from the Edenor company, it was possible to advance in the cutting by sections without the operation interrupting the normal operation of the sectors of critical patientsas officially announced.

No one admitted to hospital had to be evacuated, the agency reported. telam. Yes, however, the workers in the offices adjoining the electrical service room had to leave their posts to facilitate the work of the uniformed officers.

Smoke coming from the basement was picked up by passers-by. It is a very busy artery in the city of Buenos Aires, where many urban transport lines establish their route. Hundreds of people were indeed waiting for the bus when the incident occurred.

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“The whole branch of cables supplying the hospital buildings caught fire,” the fire chief, who was present during the operation, said in later statements.

It was estimated that normal activity in all units of the complex would take time to return to normal functioning, due to the damage caused by the fire.

The building of the Central Military Hospital, located on Avenida Luis María Campos
The building of the Central Military Hospital, located on Avenida Luis María Campos

The incident ended without more serious consequences, beyond property damage and operational problems in one of the federal capital’s busy hospitals.

However, it has caused anxiety, since it was generated in the middle of a heat wave which, although it has subsided in recent hours, continues to drop temperatures around 30 degrees which recreate a suffocating atmosphere for the daily development of the inhabitants of the city. .

In this context, large areas of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) are still suffering power outages, the strong demand and the precariousness of the service. Those affected by this situation have reached more than 100,000 users, and this figure has remained at 47,000 in the last day.

Although the rain has calmed the intensity of the temperatures in recent hours, the phenomenon is not over yet.

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