Ferdinand already glimpses what Rooney’s retirement will be like

Ferdinand already glimpses what Rooney’s retirement will be like

Wayne Rooney has officially retired from soccer at 35 to devote himself full time to his duties as a Derby County coach, something he was already doing since Philip Cocu was relieved of his position in November. However, it has not been until now when he has formalized his goodbye to the pitch And, in addition to the multiple displays of affection and memories of his legendary career, one of his former colleagues has dedicated a joke to him on social networks.

Rio Ferdinand has shared a photograph of the Rooney leaving a caravan, eating beans and with a clearly deteriorated physical appearance. The snapshot has accompanied it with a “Good Morning Wazza, enjoy your breakfast “. Clearly, the message was aimed at the newly released new life of a retired footballer. Although obviously, the now Derby County coach does not look the same as he appears in the image. Per, is it a montage?

The trick of history

The answer is no. Or, at least, not a montage that Ferdinand made on the occasion of the occasion. You have to go back to 2010 to temporarily place the photo, a Nike ad for the World Cup in South Africa. World Cup that brings such good memories to the surface in Spain, but that is another story. In the advertising video you could see several stars of the moment, including a Rooney in charge of leading England and a Ribéry destined to do the same with France.

It all starts with the British failing a pass that intercepts the now Fiorentina winger and ends in misfortune for the Three Lions. Rooney must bear the (fictitious) media load of defeat and abandons himself, resulting in a premature retreat into the field to which the photograph used by Ferdinand belongs.

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