Feid sent a flirty message to Karol G and bolstered romance rumors

Feid sent a flirty message to Karol G and bolstered romance rumors

Karol G and Feid release hot music video for ‘FRIKI’. Photo: Instagram @feid

last march 10 Karol G y Feid reignited rumors of a romantic relationship between them by appearing together at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium, in Puerto Rico, where the artist paisa had programmed one of his concerts in the country. After the dance in which they performed and which moved their fans, Sweep He used his social networks to send a message to the bichota which bolstered the theories of romance between the two.

The artist’s message paisa also known as Ferxxo It was given on his Instagram account and in response to a post he made Karl G. in your profile. the interpreter of “Tomorrow will be beautiful” He posted a photo with his colleague of the moment in which he invited him to dance with her on stage to the song ” Geek “ there “All gafitas”who confirmed that it was dedicated to Sweep.

“Doggy part 2!!”, wrote Karl G. adding a Colombian flag. For its part, Sweep He reproduced the story of the paisa singer and took the opportunity to send an affectionate message to his colleague, with whom he once again fueled the rumors that there is more than a friendship between the two. “What is this little chocorram?. You broke that awful queen stage,” the artist wrote and added emojis of a melting face, queen, and rose.


The publication of the famous interpreter of “Happy Birthday Ferxxo”, “Prohibidox”, “If You Find Her Around”, among others, has been replicated on various entertainment tracks, where fans of both are demanding that the relationship be confirmed immediately. However, there are also those who point out that Feid and Karol G. They don’t go well together, but they celebrate that the singer has met someone “better” than anuel aa.

They already confirm that they are boyfriendsPlease!”; “And if it’s true that they give in to this, whether or not they’re boyfriends”; “They don’t hit the truth, but everything is better than Anuel”; “I don’t know if I wanted to be Karol G to be with Feid or Feid to be with Karol G”; “I don’t really see it with her, but everything is better than Anuel so… long live the bride and groom,” reads several of the comments.

Urban singer fans Karl G. there Sweep They assure that between the two paisas there has been more than a friendship for several months; especially after being seen together at numerous events following Carolina Giraldo’s breakup with anuel aa.

Karol G and Feid were seen wearing the same clothes / Instagram
Karol G and Feid were seen wearing the same clothes / Instagram

The new meeting of the two artists in Puerto Rico gave something to talk about. The sultry dance happened during Karol G’s first performance of his tour on this stage on March 10. This is the first of three dates for La Bichota on this stage which, moreover, is sold out. The two remaining dates are scheduled for March 11 and 12.

This fact is only one of many that the public must demonstrate that Ferxxo and the bichota are in love. The last disc of the paisa, entitled “Mañana ser bonito”, would be an additional proof of the existence of this love. songs like ‘We harm friendship’ and ‘Your glasses’fans say, would be clear evidence of that.

In fact, in a live broadcast made by Karol G on TikTok, in which he talked about the story behind “your glasses”, followers say he would have avoided changing the lights of the place where he was recording this video to green, to prevent rumors from multiplying. It should be noted that green is the color that characterizes Feid.

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