Fans staged an outbreak of anger outside the Cuauhtémoc Stadium

Fans staged an outbreak of anger outside the Cuauhtémoc Stadium

The Puebla was eliminated from Guardians 2021 at the hands of Santos Laguna, who defeated the camoteros 3-1 on the aggregate scoreboard and reached the grand final of the tournament against Blue Cross.

Despite the good tournament held The fringe from Nicolas Larcamón, frustration seized his pupils in the last minutes of the game, to the extent of starring in an outbreak of anger that ended with the expulsion of Amaury Escoto at minute 96.

This desperation could have been transferred to the stands and a reflection of this was the acts of violence that took place at the exit of the stadium, where some fans wanted to attack other supporters, for which security elements had to intervene.

In accordance with ESPN, the incident did not happen to majors and the personnel of the stadium could control the situation; However, that did not prevent the fans from Puebla he left with a giant disappointment after finishing third in the rankings and holding a historic tournament for the club.

The camotero team was applauded by its public for the delivery shown, despite falling two goals away from a possible classification. Nicolas Larcamón thanked the fans who attended the stadium and that was how he concluded his first tournament in front of the Puebla.

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