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Experts warn: “The less we confine, the more people will die”

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The arrival of the third wave of coronavirus in Spain after Christmas is already a reality. A situation that has been getting worse in recent days and that has caused practically all the autonomous communities of the country have tightened their sanitary measures to stop the advance of the pandemic in this month of January. Despite the restrictions taken, the truth is that the situation continues to worry, at least until days go by to find out how these new restrictions have affected the contagion curve.

And it is that, among the thousands of infections that have been counted in the country over the past weeks, the hospital occupation begins to worry by the level of new income that is given every day. In fact, Galicia has notified this Monday its highest number of income since last April 17, with 84 new hospitalized in one day – in total there are 739 people admitted, 104 in Intensive Care Units-.

Home confinement as the only solution

Therefore, many epidemiologists in the country they continue to warn that the situation is extreme and ask for a strict confinement, like the one in March, to be able to move forward and overcome this third wave – even though the Government does not consider a new home confinement, at least for the moment. The last to join these warnings has been José Félix Hoyos, epidemiologist and president of Doctors of the World, who, in an interview on the program Good Morning from Telemadrid, stressed that “the data is terrible.”

The truth is that Spain arrived to a new record of infections last Friday, the latest data that have been known so far. On that day, more than 40,000 new cases were reported in a single day, the worst figure in the entire pandemic in the region. “The less harshly we confine, the more people will die”, Felix Hoyos alert, asking citizens for prudence.

“Unfortunately it is time to confine”, he adds during the interview as the only measure to be able to face this situation. “You have to limit the contacts totally or partially and we are seeing that in a particular way it is difficult to achieve it. We have to take more drastic measures, ”he explains.

ICU occupation

Taking into account that we are in the middle of winter, coronavirus infections are of more concern since “There is a peak in respiratory infections.” The epidemiologist points out that “it is normal for the incidence of cases to increase, stressing the health system and the UCIS”, since COVID-19 is more contagious. “We are living a very delicate situation in all the Madrid health care ”, indicates Félix Hoyos, with great concern regarding the occupancy of ICU beds, which, unfortunately, is increasing.

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